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Managing Waste

Recycling Program

Bentley has a robust single stream recycling program with an easy blue and black color-coded system. This means that all recycling goes into the blue bins and trash into the black bins. All common spaces and offices should be equipped with the appropriate bins.

Questions about how to recycle properly? Consult our Trash and Recycling Guide.

If you are missing a trash or recycling bin please put in a work order with Facilities Management here

Remember that anything you recycle must be clean and as dry as possible.

Flex Recycling


Bentley has been composting behind the scenes in kitchens since 2013. Food scraps are collected for composting in the university's three main preparatory kitchens servicing The 921 Dining Hall, the LaCava Lower Café, Faculty Staff Dining Room, campus catering operations and the Dana Center Food Court. Post-consumer (i.e. leftover) food from The 921 Dining Hall and catering operations is also collected in the university's compost program.

Community members can participate in composting in the LaCava Café only. Diners are encouraged to put food and paper based to-go containers in the compost bins. To learn more about what is compostable in the LaCava Café click here.

To learn more about composting at Bentley watch this video.

Food Rescue Program

In 2018, Bentley started a leftover food donation program in collaboration with Food for Free, a local non-profit food rescue organization. Through this program, leftover prepared food from the campus’ 921 Dining Hall is collected and frozen by Bentley Dining staff. This frozen food is picked up by Food for Free several times per week and turned into meals for people in need in the Greater Boston Area. During academic year 2022 Bentley donated 1,055 pounds of food which translates to 645 frozen meals.

Curry Chicken with Brown Rice
Clothing donation bin

Textile Recycling and Donation

Textiles are banned from disposal in trash bins in Massachusetts. To reduce trash generation throughout the state, textiles including clothes, shoes, linens, towels, curtains, and cloth accessories must now be recycled or donated. 95% of textiles can be recycled or donated for reuse. To aid that effort, Bentley has partnered with Helpsy to install three clothing and shoe donation bins on campus located in: the Lewis Hall parking lot, parking lot near Rhodes Hall and on North campus.

Student Educators Program

The Student Educators Program is a great way for Bentley students to learn about waste as a global and intersectional issue. Student Educators learn the ways that Bentley University is trying to combat waste and are empowered to teach others how to properly sort waste on campus.

This program is asynchronous, allowing students to learn at their own pace. After watching the training videos, students are encouraged to train their peers and become certified as a Student Educator. Students gain many skills through the certification process and it is a great resume builder.

Learn More About This Program.

Sustainability Student Leaders
Give 'N Go

Give 'N Go

Give 'N Go is Bentley's sustainable move out program where students can donate items they don't want to take with them. Reusable goods like clothing, furniture and kitchen items are collected and donated to Goodwill Northern New England. In addition, all non-perishable food donated by residential students is given to Healthy Waltham. In total, the Bentley community donated 11,040lbs of reusable items during the Spring 2023 move out cycle.

Learn More About Give 'N Go

Electronics Recycling

Bentley offers two electronic recycling stations for students, faculty and staff to recycle electronics such as batteries, cell phones, hand-held electronics and inkjet cartridges. Stations are located are on the ground floor of the library (next to the Client Services desk) and the first floor of Morison Hall.

Bentley Owned Electronics   

Items such as networked printers, copiers, and fax machines that are marked with a network tag or ID are handled by Client Services. Please contact them if you have one of these items that are no longer being used in your department. 

Other Bentley owned electronics such as small desktop printers, scanners and small electronics used in Bentley departments can be recycled through Facilities Management. Faculty and Staff can put in a work order (or call x2208) at least 5 days in advance for the movers to pick up electronics for recycling. Facilities Management will collect these items for recycling by North Coast Services.

Personal Electronics

Bentley does not provide recycling services for large personal electronics. Large electronics can be recycled in a number of ways.  
Most towns provide "Household Hazardous Waste Days" or "Electronics Recycling Days" several times per year. Some towns have curbside pickup and some require residents to drop electronics off at the Department of Public Works. Check out your town's website and look under "DPW" or "Solid Waste and Recycling" for more information.

Best Buy offers free recycling services for electronics, even if you didn't buy them at Best Buy! This is a great example of a company taking responsibility for the full life cycle of their products.

Electronics Recycling
Image showing words Give and Take

Re-Use Program

Bentley has a Microsoft Teams site called Re-use. This is a place for employees to swap office items with others on campus. Check the Re-use Teams Site before purchasing new items as someone on campus may have the item that you seek.

Please note: This site is for exchanging small office items only. If you have furniture you are no longer using please contact Procurement and Campus Services.

If you would like to participate in the Re-use Team: Go to Teams. In the top right corner click "Join" or "Create Team." In the "search teams" field, type "Re-use." Click on the team and select "Join."