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Give 'N Go

One falcon's trash is another falcon's treasure

Give 'N Go is Bentley’s sustainable move out program where students can donate the items they don’t want to take with them.  This program started in 2010 by a group of residential students who were concerned about the mountains of usable goods piled into Bentley's trash dumpsters every spring at move out.

Give ‘N Go encourages community via student exchange, and reduces students' expenses by allowing students to take items that are donated to be reused.  This not only reduces the amount of trash generated but also promotes reuse.

Give 'N Go is available on Tues - Thurs (5/7 - 5/9) of move out week from 12-5pm, and Saturday (5/11) from 10-3pm.


  • North Campus (TH only)
  • Main campus green space (T-TH, SAT)
  • First-Year Dorms between Trees and Slade (T-TH)
  • Parking lot 17 (near Rhodes) (T-TH)
  • Lower campus green space (T-TH, SAT)

Spring 2018 Give 'N Go Results - we collected 22,028 pounds in just 5 days! This was our best year yet in Give 'N Go. A huge thanks to our faculty and staff volunteers, Casella, and the faculty, staff, and students that donated!