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Get Involved with Sustainability at Bentley

When it comes to sustainability, there is power in numbers. Through education and awareness campaigns, students, faculty and staff have become more engaged in Bentley's efforts toward carbon neutrality by 2030. Here are a few ways you can get involved with sustainability on campus! 

Sustainability at Bentley


Campus Internships

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Delongchamp Awardees

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Sustainability-Related Events

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Sustainable Business Majors

Campus Events

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Delongchamp Family Fund

Are you interested in furthering your experience and understanding in sustainability? Apply to the Delongchamp Fund to receive the financial resources you may need to explore the many opportunities available!

The Delongchamp Family Endowed Fund supports undergraduates wishing to explore professional and co-curricular opportunities focused on sustainability and the triple-bottom line: people, planet, and profit. This resource provides students with the means to expand their professional network and gain insight on current business initiatives in sustainability. These opportunities include:

  • Attending a conference,
  • Going to a networking event,
  • Taking an unpaid or a limited paid internship,
  • Pursuing a research project, or
  • Creating a public awareness campaign around sustainability.

To be considered the student must demonstrate how their project, internship or conference attendance will impact both their scholarship at Bentley and the greater Bentley community.

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Give 'N Go

Give 'N Go is Bentley’s sustainable move out program where students can donate items they don’t want to take home when they move out of residential housing. This program started in 2010 by a group of residential students who were concerned about the mountains of usable goods piled into Bentley's trash dumpsters every spring at move out.

Give ‘N Go encourages community via student exchange, and reduces students' expenses by allowing them to take items that are donated by others. This not only reduces the amount of trash generated but also promotes reuse.


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Student Organizations and Opportunities

Students for Sustainable Business

Join Bentley’s student organization Students for Sustainable Business (SSB)! SSB is a group of students dedicated to inspiring positive changes in the environment, Waltham community, and world. Members partake in conversations and activities focused on the principles of the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Check out their Instagram @bentley_ssb to learn more!

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Sustainable Investment Group

Invest in sustainability by joining Bentley’s Sustainable Investment Group (BSIG)! BSIG members gain an understanding of investment by managing part of Bentley’s endowment while following sustainable, responsible, and impact investing (SRI) strategies. SRI is an investment discipline that considers environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive societal impact. Check out their Instagram @bentley_bsig to learn more!

SIG Instagram

Student Sustainability Leadership Program

The Office of Sustainability also employs full-time students during the summer from June - August who help run the office and prepare for the next academic year.  Email ga_bentley_sustainability to inquire about when we are hiring for these positions.

Swipe Out Hunger

At Bentley, our Swipe Out Hunger program supports Falcons who are experiencing food insecurity. Providing free meals for those experiencing food insecurity alleviates the stress associated with not knowing where one's next meal will come from. Alleviating that stress gives students a better foundation for getting the most out of their education and reaching their goal of being a force for good. If you want to learn more visit the Swipe out Hunger page.