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Green Certification Program

Green Department Certification Program

Did you know that you can get your department Green Certified? The RHA Eco-Reps have created a Green Certification Program for faculty and staff offices and for student groups. The RHA Eco-Reps serve as sustainability consultants and will visit your department or your student group's E-board to take you through a green audit. The audit will identify areas that your department or group is already exceling in and those in which you could improve. Departments and groups are rated on items like recycling, double-siding reports, opting for electronic communication over printing flyers, or ensuring that all lights are turned off at the end of the day. These types of activities and more will help determine the quantitative ranking for each department or group.

Three Different Levels of Achievement:

Tree (Most Sustainable): This level praises the organization's efforts to operate in a sustainable manner and the active promotion a sustainable behavior.


   Sapling: This level indicates that the group or department displays some sustainable behavior and some areas for improvement.


   Seed (Base Ranking): This level certifies that the student group or department is an active participant in the Green Certification Program but has a lot of room for improvement in sustainable behavior.


Click on the blue stamp below to find out which departments/student groups have been certified

Incentives for Achievement:

- Recognition in the Vanguard and Observer

- A plaque to install outside of your department (departments only)

- A spot for flyers on the Green Certification Board in the Smith stairway (student groups only)

- Reusable bottles or travel mugs for the E-board (student groups only)

- A $25 shaws gift card (student groups only)

- Promotion of your department or group through sustainability social media.

- and of course the knowledge that your group or department is a pioneer in sustainable behavior and operations!