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Additional Opportunities

After you’ve selected your major, what else can you do to make your education work harder?

Honors Program

Open to students in approximately the top 8 to 10 percent of each entering class, the Honors Program provides extra academic challenges in a seminar atmosphere. By participating in the program, you can enjoy smaller class sizes, as well as co-curricular activities such as field trips, special lectures and advising events.

You complete the program with a capstone project focused on a specific area of interest; recent topics have included marketing sustainable projects and services; how the use and misuse of social media can impact careers; and the risks and rewards of high-frequency trading on Wall Street.

To learn more about the Honors Program at Bentley, please read our latest edition of our Honors Program newsletter, Columnas.

Graduate Study

Through the Falcon Fast-Track program, academically talented and highly motivated students from any undergraduate major can take graduate-level courses during their senior year at the Graduate School of Business at Bentley University. Your options include:

Special permission is required for Falcon Fast-Track students to apply to the Master’s in Human Factors in Information Design (MSHFID) and the Master’s in Business Analytics (MSBA). If you are interested in pursuing the MSHFID or the MSBA degree, please discuss the possibility with the respective program director and the Graduate Admissions Office.