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Database of the Month: Safari Online Tech Books

By Macee Damon
February 17, 2022

Within the O'Reilly database, Safari Tech Books offers books, audiobooks, case studies, videos, conference content and interactive tutorials on technology, computing, and business topics. 

Search for Titles

O'Reilly provides a basic search box at the top of the home page that can be used to execute a keyword search for books, videos, live events, and more. 


Libby for OverDrive: eBooks & Audiobooks

By Katie Leahy
December 3, 2021

With the semester winding down, you may be looking for your next fun read. Why not check out our eBook and digital audiobook collection that can be accessed 24/7 whether you are traveling near or far over winter break?


Resource of the Month: Libby for OverDrive!

By Katie Leahy
April 14, 2021

With the warmer weather and summer on the way, why not take your reading with you on the go?


Staff Picks: E-books & Digital Audiobooks

By Kimberly Morin
April 17, 2020

Image removed.

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A New Way to Search, Find & Access OverDrive Downloadable Books

By Macee Damon
February 6, 2013

At the Bentley Library, we offer a lot of resources for study and coursework, but we also think that there’s a place for recreational reading in an academic library. You think so too, judging from checkout rates of our Popular Reading and audiobook collections. Last year, we debuted OverDrive Downloadable Books, a collection of fiction and nonfiction electronic books and audiobooks for users who use mobile devices and computers. Initially, searching and browsing these books was limited to the website from which they are downloaded.

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