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Audiobooks for a Summer Road Trip

By Kimberly Morin
July 18, 2022
Sign for display depicting a Summer Road Trip (car on road, driving into the desert hills).
Audiobook Display in Library Lobby (From July 18th  – August 31st).

Commute getting you down? Going on a summer road trip? Why not try listening to an audiobook!


Get Your Summer Reading Here!

By Kimberly Morin
June 29, 2021

Whether you are planning your next road trip or just plan to spend some time reading at the beach or relaxing at home, your library has something for everyone. Here are some OverDrive e-book and audiobook collections we are highlighting just for you:


On Display: Summer Reading

By Lisa Curtin
July 9, 2015

Summertime and the reading is easy...

Click to view the books and audiobooks on the Summer Reading display.

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