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Undergraduate Fellows Seminar

Due to renovations on campus, the Fall 2016 Undergraduate Fellows Seminar has been cancelled.

The Undergraduate Fellows Seminar includes 12 to 15 highly motivated students and four professors, each one bringing a different form of expertise to the study of important books that enrich student understanding of the arts, history, literature, business, politics, and life in general. The Seminar is a three-credit course that meets every week. The books chosen are ones that the faculty members do not already know and that do not come from their field of expertise.  This way the seminar has no “teacher” in the usual sense.  Students and faculty members read and learn together, and it is the student participants who lead the discussion.

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Spring Semester 2017 Just Announced!

Program Theme: Big Brother Is Watching: Government Surveillance and Society

Faculty: Rob DeLeo [Department of Global Studies], Donna Fletcher [Department of Finance], Monica Garfield [Department of Computer Information Systems], Greg Farber [Department of English and Media Studies], Christian Rubio [Department of Modern Languages]

Books: 1984(Nineteen Eighty Four) by George Orwell and V for Vendetta by Alan Moore

Grades for the seminar are based on participation, a short reflection paper, and a final research paper.  The seminar meets Tuesday from 11:00am to 1:50pm.  The Valente Center provides lunch and covers the cost of all books as well as the cost of trips to local cultural events and/or dinners as selected by students and faculty.

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