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Program Research

With so many education abroad options available, selecting a program can seem like a daunting task. It is important to consider all possibilities, with each student taking their own personal interests and academic needs into account. What works for one students might not work for another, so students should avoid selecting programs based on preferences of friends or classmates. Pursuing an education abroad experience is exciting, yet also something that requires serious planning and consideration. Below are some guidelines to help students get started.

How To Select A Program

Determine your interests

Language learning

Do I want to continue a language I have previously or am currently studying?
Do I want to learn a new language?


What type of coursework do I want/need to take before I go abroad? While I am abroad? After I return from abroad?

  • Major/minor/LSM coursework?
  • GBs or other General Education requirements?
  • Electives?

Experiential features

Do I want a program that includes Service–Learning?
Do I want to undertake an internship?

University setting

Do I want an urban, suburban or small town campus?

Institution size

Do I prefer a small, medium or large host institution?


What type of housing would I prefer?

  • Homestay 
  • Student residence 
  • Apartment

Length of program

How much time do I want to spend abroad? 

  • Semester/Year 
  • Summer (3 to 7 weeks) 
  • Short Term Program (1 to 3 weeks)

Research Program Features

Review Bentley's list of Study Abroad Programs using the guidelines above to help narrow your search.