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Ally Network

Allies are individuals who help create a safe place for our LGBTQ students, faculty and staff, and are some of the most effective and powerful voices of the LGBTQ movement. Not only do allies assist people in the coming-out process, but they also help others understand the importance of equality, fairness, acceptance and mutual respect.

More than 300 faculty and staff members, representing more than 50 departments, have completed an ally workshop.  Our ally list can be found here:  Ally network list revised April 2015.pdf

Workshop Topics Include:

  • LGBTQ Terminology and Language
  • Overview of the Bentley LGBTQ campus Culture
  • Overview of the Ally Continium and what it means to be an ally
  • The "Coming Out" Process

Lead Facilitators:

Tony Martin and Courtney Stephens

Become an Ally

We offer ally workshops to faculty, staff and students throughout the year. For more information, contact Courtney Stephens at

Summer Workshop:

Wednesday, July 15th 2 to 4pm