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Bentley supports all members of our community who identify as transgender or non-binary. We hope to provide that support to through individual outreach and campus-wide resources and programs. Some common questions and concerns are addressed on this page, along with resources from Bentley and outside organizations. 

Student Organizations

Bentley PRIDE

A student organization that provides support, education, and social activities for the Bentley University LGBTQ+ community.

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Bentley SAGE

A student organization advocating for personal development and empowerment through open dialogue about the issues impacting people of all genders while advocating for gender equality.

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Bentley Resources and Policies

All-Gender Restrooms

Bentley offers all-gender restrooms across campus at these locations.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

All housing options on campus are gender inclusive. Any students may choose to live together regardless of gender. Bentley University is committed to creating an affirming community for our trans, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming students. The Residential Center will work with students to find a housing situation that is affirming and will support each student's academic growth. If you would like to speak with someone regarding your specific request, please contact our office at

External Resources

Transitioning Resources and Support

For students with questions about medically or socially transitioning, the following resources offer information and support groups.

Stand With Trans

University of California, San Francisco: Transition Roadmap

Fenway Health: Transgender Health Resources


Being Transgender and Religious

Bentley's Spiritual Life chaplains are here to support you as your explore your experiences with faith, sexuality, and gender identity. Chaplains are confidential resources on campus, and you do not have to share the chaplain's faith identity to receive support from them. 

In addition to Spiritual Life, the below resource can help you find organizations and support regarding gender identity and your faith.

Human Rights Campaign: Faith Resources 

  • This page provides resources for Protestant, Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and multi-faith organizations
Being a Transgender Person of Color

If you have questions or thoughts around the intersection of your sexual orientation or gender identity and your racial and ethnic identities, Bentley is here to support you. The Multicultural Center supports and advocates for students of color across campus through program development, relationship building, and dialogue.

The resources below provide information and support for individuals exploring their gender identity alongside their racial and ethnic identity.

Black Transgender Advocacy Coalition

Trans Women of Color Collective

bklyn boihood

TransLatin@ Coalition

The National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance

Being Transgender in the Workplace

The resources below provide some things to think about when navigating the business world and your legal protections related to your gender identity.

Transgender Workplace Rights

Massachusetts Employment Protections

Being an Ally to the Transgender Community

Standing up for the rights and respect of community members is a critical skill to learn during your time at Bentley. If you're interested in how you can be an ally to the transgender community, review these resources to get started. 

The Trevor Project: Guide to Being an Ally to Transgender and Non-Binary Youth

The National Center for Transgender Equality: Supporting the Transgender Person in Your Life