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Center for Women and Business

Welcome to Bentley’s Center for Women and Business


The Center for Women and Business (CWB) envisions a world where women no longer make up a small fraction of corporate leadership.  We are focused on helping women reach their full potential in the workplace and helping businesses and all employers engage the full potential of talented women leaders. We accomplish this by providing action steps for employers of all kinds, through leadership and mentoring programs for students, through collaboration with faculty, and via research – utilizing our own and tapping into external works.



What We Do

Engage Business and Other Employers

We provide action steps to help employers create inclusive work environments where women can succeed and advance into leadership positions.

Corporate Challenge: Through our Corporate Challenge, we offer programming including best practices workshops, peer exchanges and thought leadership. Employers that join this initiative formally commit to hiring, retaining and advancing talented women.

Gearing Up Conference: For women in the first decade of their careers, we sponsor the annual Gearing Up Conference,  an intensive, one-day event for women in the first decade of their careers with interactive panels, skill-building workshops, and empowering keynote addresses.

Engage Faculty and Students

Student Leadership Program: We provide female students with real-world knowledge, insight, and practice. We integrate this program with an elective management course students take for credit. In this course, students explore relevant academic issues, observe expert speakers, and participate in workshops. We collaborate with a variety of Bentley offices, centers, and student groups to share the CWB’s unique workplace and leadership perspectives for millennial women.

Faculty Collaboration: We work closely with faculty, not only to deliver student programs but also to enhance and support female faculty’s professional objectives. Our Faculty-Staff Working Group brings together professional women on campus throughout the year so that they can network, hear topical speakers, explore relevant research opportunities, identify case studies, and share important women’s advancement issues locally, nationally and globally.


Conduct and Tap into Relevant Research

Conduct Research: We conduct and utilize research to gain a deeper understanding of workplace gender equity issues and to develop solutions that will benefit women and the organizations that employ them. 
Case studies are a key research product.

Work with Leaders: We engage business and academic leaders to investigate hot topics and develop solutions.

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What's Happening

4 Ways For Millennial Women To Prepare For Leadership Roles
“Coming of age for working women in the "lean-in" era isn't easy. For millennial women (those born between 1980 and 1994), life and work are blended. The same technology that makes staying connected so easy makes staying "on" after working hours easy as well. Meanwhile, businesses expect more work for less pay, and parenting challenges are leading many women to take more time off work. 75% of millennial women say gender inequality in the workplace is an issue that needs addressing. That helps explain why 34% of millennial women say they aren't interested in becoming a boss or top manager, according to a Pew Research Center study. Like their male counterparts, millennial women place a higher value on security and flexibility than on pay. But that doesn't mean they're satisfied with their working lives. In fact, 75% of millennial women say gender inequality in the workplace is an issue that needs addressing, compared with just 57% of millennial men. Here's a look at some of those obstacles and what millennial women can do to get past them.”