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Coming Out at Bentley

We understand the experiences of the LGBTQ+ members of our community and strive to support them in their own coming out journey. We recognize that this process is different for everybody, and work to acknowledge the unique experiences and identities of all individuals. This includes an understanding of how members of the community’s racial, religious, sexuality, and gender identities intersect to create a unique coming out experience. We also wish to acknowledge and support the difficulties surrounding coming out at college to an unfamiliar new community. We hope that the resources below help to guide individuals through their coming out experience and aid in finding the method and timing that is right for them.


Different Ways of Coming Out

There's no one-size-fits-all way to come out. The resources in this section will walk you through different ways to come out to your family and friends, and the factors to be considered when coming out.

The Trevor Project: Coming Out Handbook

Human Rights Campaign: Resource Guide to Coming Out

Human Rights Campaign: Coming Out as Transgender

PFLAG: Coming Out as Trans

Coming Out in the Business World

Coming out at work may feel different and require different considerations than coming out to friends and family. The resources below provide some things to think about when coming out in the business world, your legal protections related to your identity, and testimonials from people who had been there before.

Human Rights Campaign: Coming Out at Work

Coming Out at Work from People Who've Done It

Lessons from LGBT Leadership

Coming Out to a Religious Family

Your faith identity and background may influence if and how you want to come out. Bentley's Spiritual Life chaplains are here to support you as your explore your experiences with faith, sexuality, and gender identity. Chaplains are confidential resources on campus, and you do not have to share the chaplain's faith identity to receive support from them. 

In addition to Spiritual Life, the below resources can help you navigate specific questions around coming out to your religious family members and community.

Bentley Spiritual Life Pride Resources

Coming Out to Christian Parents

Personal Story: Coming Out to My Conservative, Christian Parents

Find an LGBTQ+ Affirming Church

Muslims for Progressive Values: LGBTQI Resources

Coming Out as a Person of Color

If you have questions or thoughts around the intersection of your sexual orientation or gender identity and your racial and ethnic identities, Bentley is here to support you. The Multicultural Center supports and advocates for students of color across campus through program development, relationship building, and dialogue.

The resources below showcase the experiences of those who have come out while navigating their identity as people of color. 

Human Rights Campaign: Coming Out as LGBTQ Asian and Pacific Islander Americans

Human Rights Campaign: Coming Out as Black LGBTQ People

Human Rights Campaign: Coming Out as LGBTQ Latinx Americans

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning (LGBTQ) young people under 25.

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Student Health, Counseling, and Wellness

When you’re not feeling well, need someone to talk to, or just want to improve your well-being and self-care, turn to the Centers for Health, Counseling and Wellness at Bentley. Our expert staff are here to support your physical and emotional well-being.

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The Safe Zone Project

The Safe Zone Project is a free online resource for powerful, effective LGBTQ awareness and ally training workshops.

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