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Center for Integration of Science and Industry


"Advances in science when put to practical use mean more jobs, higher wages, shorter hours, more abundant crops, more leisure for recreation, for study, for learning how to live without the deadening drudgery which has been the burden of the common man for ages past. Advances in science will also bring higher standards of living, will lead to the prevention or cure of diseases, will promote conservation of our limited national resources, and will assure means of defense against aggression.”

Science, The Endless Frontier, 1945

Created in 2012 with a generous grant from the National Biomedical Research Foundation to Bentley University, the Center for Integration of Science and Industry brings together faculty, students, and visiting scholars in an interdisciplinary effort to improve the efficiency of translating scientific discoveries to create public value. The Center is an environment for thought leadership that brings together interdisciplinary scholarship in fields spanning science, technology, management, finance, and public policy. This scholarship will be informed by expert workshops as well as contributions to the practices of both public and business organizations. We expect that our work will meaningfully inform the practice of translational science and promote public value in the form of enhanced personal wellbeing, public health, environmental quality, sustainable development, and economic and social growth.