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Former Post-Doctoral Fellows & Research Associates

Jennifer Beierlein, PhD (2014-2017)

Michael J. Walsh, PhD (2013-2017)

Andrea Ballabeni, PhD (2013-2014)

Former Students

Katherine Adams, MIT '20
Patrick Goldner '19
Jonathan Lee '19
Skyler de Boer '18
Roger Du '18
Adrine Harutyunyan '18
Navleen Khanuja '18
Harish Kondreddy '17
Christopher Bresten, UMass Dartmouth '17
Usama Salim '17
Nilam Shete '17
Jake Wegweiser '17
Ryan Belleville, UMass Lowell '16
Akshay Prakash '16
JR Brennan '15
Cory Kalin '15
Rachel Spero '15
Quinyi "Agnes" Xu '15
Peter Connolly '14
Katie DiTomaso '13
Aaron Perlman '13
Ashley Rossi '13
Eric Ndung’u '12
Vedat Uzdil '11

Alumni Student Spotlights

Usama Salim '17

"After graduating from Bentley, I joined Deloitte as a consultant in their technology practice, helping companies implement ERP systems, and advising them on their technology strategies. From time to time, I also counsel budding start-ups in the medical technology and medical software space on company valuations, market and industry analysis, growth and business strategies, as well as financing strategies.

I’ll take this platform to make a bold statement: Being a part of the Center was the best decision I made as a student at Bentley. Not for nothing, but how many 22 year olds can you pick out of a crowd that have published a paper in a journal?! Besides the bragging rights, working at the Center helped me align my life goals, as well as gain/hone critical skills that allow me to succeed in my day-to-day job.

Like most freshmen, I had little idea of what I wanted to do professionally after college. Born into a family of doctors who ran side businesses, I had a complex relationship with science and business. The Center helped prove to me that I could combine my passion for business and science in my regular 9-5 job without having to compromise one for the other.

Speaking of skills gained and honed, in the field of consulting, one of the most valued assets we have is going beyond the face value of a statement and asking the question of why. When I first joined the Center, I’d’ve been happy with a simple statement such as “gene therapy companies are doing better today.” After leaving the center, my heightened curiosity forces me to ask “well, why is that so?” The ability to dig deeper helps me negates almost 50% of the ‘critical’ problems I face on a day-to-day basis as a consultant, while providing depth and clarity into the other 50%.

Another skill I picked up from the Center was the ability to be the translator between science and business, two seemingly unrelated subjects. As one of my clients recently put it, “Thank you so much for giving us that clarity into what our future as a business could look like. You see, all of us here are engineers, and we’re still grasping what it means to be a company.” Being able to bridge that gap for my clients and be the translator for them, whether it is business and science, or business and technology, is another key to my success.

The Center also helped me apply a lot of the finance knowledge that I had gained through my day-to-day curriculum at Bentley. Deep analysis of firms, their stock prices, and inner workings gave me insights into that world that is hard to get by regular means. In almost all of my non-technology based consulting, I always tend to cite some work that was done at the Center, and is a great conversation starter with clients.

I reiterate my earlier sentiment: Being a part of the Center was the best decision I made as a student at Bentley, and I hope the next generation of students that come through feel similarly.

Usama's LinkedIn Profile

JR Brennan, '15

"I am currently a management consultant in PwC’s Finance Effectiveness practice. As a senior associate in PwC’s Health Industries vertical, I specialize in helping pharma and life science clients improve their finance operations through various types of process improvement ranging from finance operations strategy to ERP design.

My experience at the Center for Integration of Science and Industry has been instrumental in my career. It was my biggest talking point in all of my interviews for internships and full time positions, and served as a major differentiator when going up against business students from other universities. The Center helped me develop critical thinking skills through the nature of our research. The academic freedom I had when trying to find answers to very broad and constantly evolving questions about the financial and therapeutic nature of the biotech industry forced me to hone this skill. This directly translates to my current role as a consultant where we have to diagnose areas of improvement for our clients and come up with customized solutions specific to their unique situations.

At the Center’s weekly meetings, I would often present my research, which helped me become comfortable in public speaking situations. I learned several lessons from mistakes I made at the Center that not only helped me in my classes at Bentley, but continue to help me today when I present to my clients. The team at the Center is made up of accomplished professors along with industry pioneers, so learning how to present to that audience made for a seamless transition to my job as a consultant where I present to finance directors, corporate controllers, and CFOs.

During my time at the Center, I developed a holistic understanding of the biotech industry. Supplemented with the course “The Science and Business of Biotech”, I left Bentley with advanced knowledge of the science that drives the industry, the drug development process, and the life sciences financing landscape. Coupling this with the traditional business skills I developed through my finance and accounting courses has been crucial in my ability to understand my clients’ business and to effectively advise them. Overall, my experience at the Center for Science and Industry was the most valuable part of my education at Bentley."

JR's LinkedIn Profile

Peter Connolly '14

"Currently I am working for John Hancock’s pricing department to create new and innovative insurance products that meet the needs of our customers. I obtained my ASA (Associate of the Society of Actuaries) in mid 2016 and I am very close to becoming a FSA (Fellow) specialized in individual life insurance and annuities. I can confidently say that the Center for Integration of Science and Industry helped prepare me for the workplace by honing my skills with data.

A lot of my time at the Center was spent manipulating and analyzing data. As an actuary I use data from a variety of sources and it is not always in a working form. I learned many good data habits along with a variety of tricks to get the data into a malleable form. The Center also gave me the opportunity to analyze data and look for trends. Looking at trends over time is a key cornerstone to being an actuary and the Center gave me the chance to develop these skills.

The Center gave me a lot of insight into how work gets done in the real world. Knowing your audience and who you are presenting to is an important skill that I was introduced to. Within any company there are departments with competing interests. Being aware of these interests and communicating yours effectively to each stakeholder is crucial.

Ultimately, I got to work with and learn fromsome great professionals. I am thankful for the learning opportunities and the chance to work on a great team."

Peter's LinkedIn Profile

Ashley Rossi '13

"I worked in the Center during my junior summer and senior year at Bentley. The experience I gained there was fantastic.

During my time there, I used correlation tables, multivariate regression models, and logistic curve fitting models to explore relationships, limits, and inflection points between company data and bibliometrics over time. The goal was to measure how knowledge (publications) develop while understanding the progress being made in the biotech sector.  

While applying to jobs directly out of college, the time I spent at the Center for Integration of Science and Industry was a great, hands-on experience that employers were excited to hear about. Long term, it really helped me recognize I wanted a career in data analytics. Currently, I work in the tech industry and I continue to build models and analyze big data. My career requires the ability to assess problems and scope solutions. The experience I gained at the center was key in driving my career."

Ashley's LinkedIn Profile

Eric N. Ndung'u, '12

“As a Financial Planning Analyst, I work on data analysis to yield insight for various internal stakeholders on trends that influence business drivers. I model and review business cases based on product manager specs and carry out ad-hoc analytical and reporting requests. My experiences with the Center for Integration of Science and Industry and Bentley adequately prepared me with the foundational skill set that enables me to flourish in my current role.

While at the Center, I worked with a cross functional team of students, faculty, and business personnel. They cultivated a lucrative learning experience that deepened my understanding of the various fruitful projects we completed and the insightful discussions we enjoyed. In my current role, I work a lot with diverse teams ranging from engineers, sales, and product managers to build and review business cases, identify business opportunities and provide perceptive ad-hoc reports. As was the case during my time at the Center, I continue to learn from the teams I am part of now and leverage their feedback to continuously better my work process and approach.

Working at the Center exposed me to many research and analysis projects where my role revolved around obtaining data from multiple sources per the respective project specs and carrying out analysis to arrive at useful information that could be used for publications. I would then present my finds and/or give updates to the core research team and external audiences. This particular experience has come in handy in my current role as I am often requested to present information on market trends and benchmark the company’s performance against them. The experience also played a big role in strengthening my presentation skills as well as oral and written communication. I continue to thoroughly utilize this skill set in my role today and have been successful in communicating key points to internal stakeholders satisfactorily.

Ultimately, the above does not begin to cover just how much my performance and what I am doing now is nurtured by my experience at the Center and Bentley. I am thankful that every day I find new ways to incorporate that experience into my post college life.”

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