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Innovator’s Business Series

The Innovator's Business Series features talks and informal discussions with thought leaders from academia and industry focused on best practices in translational science. Speakers present the perspective of successful innovators in translating scientific advances into public value. The theme of the series centers on the need for integrating technological and business innovation in the fields of biotechnology, healthcare, high-tech and alternative energy.







Leading Innovation in a Time of Healthcare Change: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

November 18, 2019

Dr. Edward J. Benz, Jr., MD, CEO and President Emeritus of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute spoke about Dana-Farber’s role in healthcare innovation and how this large institute interfaces with the advances and boundaries in science, public policy, philanthropy and industry. Dr. Benz explored the impediments to the effective translation of scientific advances for the public and how organizations can both successfully traverse these boundaries and exploit their synergies.

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Dr. Edward Benz
Dr. William Lazonick

Innovation and Financialization in Pharmaceuticals

November 12, 2019

A fireside chat on the financialization of the pharmaceutical industry and its effects on drugs by Economist Dr. William Lazonick. The event is organized by the Center for Integration of Science and Industry and the Health Thought Leadership Network. Dr. Lazonick’s influential work on the financialization of American industry and the impact of stock buybacks on innovation include his 2014 article in Harvard Business Review titled “Profits without Prosperity”, which won the McKinsey Award for outstanding article in HBR in 2014. His views were recently featured in an article in New Yorker Magazine

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Frugal Innovation Creating a Path to a Healthier Society

February 20, 2019

Businesses have the power to democratize innovation. However, the incentives of the business model are key to its outcomes. This fireside chat with Dr. Gary Nabel centered on frugal innovation and how economic incentives can align with good public health outcomes to de-risk the business of saving lives.

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Frugal Innovation Event
From Basic Science to Biogen and Beyond

From Basic Science to Biogen and Beyond

November 1, 2018

Dr. Sharp explored the dynamic intersections of science with business and public policy, and how these interactions advance the public interest. Phillip A. Sharp is an Institute Professor (highest academic rank) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and member of the Department of Biology and the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research.

Read the feature piece: Why Business and Science Need Each Other

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From Basic Science to Better Medicines: A Conversation with Congresswoman Katherine Clark - April 23, 2018

The Congresswoman visited Bentley University for an important discussion about innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry with members of Bentley's faculty and local biopharmaceutical executives.It was a great opportunity to participate in a discussion of the government’s contribution to the basic science that leads to new medicines, and how the industry translates this science into innovative products and successful companies.

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Bringing New Medicines to Market: Translating Science into Commercial Success - April 3, 2018

In 2017, Biogen launched Spinraza, an innovative medicine for the treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a fatal disease of children. Spinraza was the first of a revolutionary class of drugs termed antisense therapeutics. In 2018, Spinraza is expected to generate over $1.5 billion in revenues for Biogen and their partner, Ionis Pharmaceuticals. Bentley alumnus Lance Colwell ’92, former Vice President for the U.S. Rare Disease Group at Biogen, and Wildon Farwell, Senior Medical Director of Clinical Development at Biogen, discussed the commercial launch of the revolutionary new product, Spinraza.

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Delivering on the Promise of Gene Therapy - February 6, 2018

After 25 years of anticipation, the first gene therapy product was approved in 2017. This is an amazing time in gene therapy and uniQure is a leader in the field. uniQure’s Chief Executive Officer, Matt Kapusta, will talk about creating transformative therapies for patients with rare diseases and the process of bringing innovative cures to market.

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Innovation and Its Enemies: Why People Resist New Technologies - October 3, 2017

Professor Calestous Juma of the Harvard Kennedy School, joined us to discuss his recently published book, Innovation and Its Enemies: Why People Resist New Technologies, as part of our Innovator's Business Series.

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Read the feature piece: Here's Why People Resist New Technologies

How the World's Most Successful Medicine was Developed: The Fusion of Science, Business, & Policy - September 21, 2016

Bentley University’s Center for the Integration of Science and Industry continued its lecture series “The Innovator’s Business,” hosting a panel discussion about the development of the world’s most successful medicine (Humira) in Worcester which exemplifies the power of effectively integrating science, business, and policy to develop therapies that change lives. Three critical contributors to this fusion discussed this landmark success of translational science: Governor Dukakis, Dr. Robert Kamen, and Mr. Robert Anderson. Robert Coughlin summarized the implications for today's biopharmaceutical industry.

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Innovation is 21st Century Healthcare; The Boston Children's Hospital Experience - March 26, 2016

Bentley University’s Center for the Integration of Science and Industry continued its lecture series “The Innovator’s Business,” hosting speaker Sandra Fenwick who spoke about Innovation in 21st Century Healthcare; The Boston Children's Hospital Experience.

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The Business of Healthcare Reform - October 19, 2015

Bentley University’s Center for the Integration of Science and Industry continued its lecture series “The Innovator’s Business,” hosting speaker Dr. Donald Berwick who spoke about The Business of Healthcare Reform: What it looks like and what we should do.

Innovation for a Sustainable Sea Symposium - April 22, 2015

Bentley University’s Center for the Integration of Science and Industry continued its lecture series “The Innovator’s Business,” hosting speakers Nigella Hillgarth, Brian Helmuth, Ronald Stotish, Michael Jay Walsh, and Joshua Boger who spoke about the potential and challenges of new technologies in protecting oceans, coral reefs and fisheries while providing food and energy for a growing population. 

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The Inside Story of Vertex Pharmaceuticals: From Billion Dollar Dream to $25 Billion Dollar Company - November 19, 2014

A fireside chat with Barry Werth, Author of The Billion Dollar Molecule and The Antidote. Moderated by Aaron Nurick, author of The Good Enough Manager.

For two decades, acclaimed author, journalist, and historian Barry Werth had unprecedented access to the inner workings of Vertex Pharmaceuticals. Werth described Vertex’ founding as a venture-based start-up company in his book The Billion-Dollar Molecule, a celebrated classic of science and business journalism. Now in The Antidote, he returns to tell the riveting story of Vertex’s two decade quest to discover and develop breakthrough medicines and the company’s stunning success. More real than any case studies, Werth’s books capture the broad scope of what it really takes to build a 25-billion dollar company.

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Innovator's Business Series: Insights - May 8, 2014

The Center for Integration of Science and Industry at Bentley University focuses on understanding, and accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries for public value.  Researchers from the Center described insights from the Center’s first two years, including measures of the value provided by translational science, use of a novel TIMETM metric to assess technological readiness for innovation, as well as strategies to improve the value created by advances in biomedicine and energy research. Speakers included Fred D. Ledley, MD, Laura McNamee, PhD, and Michael J. Walsh, PhD. Nancy Hsiung, PhD, served as rapporteur and discussed how the Center’s work can impact industry.

Josh Boger Speaks about "Managing in Balance" - February 25, 2014

Bentley University’s Center for the Integration of Science and Industry continued its lecture series “The Innovator’s Business,” hosting key-note speaker Josh Boger who spoke about "Managing in Balance" and the underlying business principles to manage businesses in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Examples discussed included Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Wesleyan University. 

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Nick Donofrio Speaks on 21st Century Innovation - November 14, 2013

The Center for Integration of Science and Industry co-hosted key-note speaker Nick Donofrio, Executive Vice-President for Technology and Innovation, IBM (retired) as part of the Innovator's Business Series. Nick Donofrio is a 44-year IBM veteran who lead IBM's technology and innovation strategies from 1997 until his retirement in 2008. To learn more about 21st Century Innovation and view a video of the talk, click the link below.  

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Deborah Dunsire speaks at "Innovator's Business Series" - November 5, 2013

Bentley University’s Center for the Integration of Science and Industry, Center for Women and Business, and WEST continued the fall lecture series, "The Innovator's Business" with Dr. Deborah Dunsire, President and CEO Envivo Pharmaceuticals. Deborah Dunsire, MD, is an industry leader with 25 years of scientific, clinical, operational and commercial experience, and proven leadership in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. 

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Read the Boston Business Journal article “Pharma CEO Deborah Dunsire shares career advice at Bentley” 

Susan Windham-Bannister kicks off Fall "Innovator's Business Series" - October 17, 2013

Bentley University’s Center for the Integration of Science and Industry, kicked off its fall lecture series, “The Innovator’s Business” with key-note speaker Susan Windham-Bannister, PhD, President and CEO of Massachusetts Life Sciences Center on October 17, 2013. 

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Succeeding at the Inventor’s Business - February 27, 2013

On February 27, 2013 three inventors of groundbreaking technologies that have created multi-billion dollar markets, talked about the path from invention to product success. Speakers included:

  • Dr. Michael Boss, whose method for producing monoclonal antibodies enabled a new class of drugs that has revolutionized the treatment of cancer and other diseases, and currently represent a >$20 billion market.

  • Dr. David Fischell, whose invention of drug coated stents revolutionized the treatment of heart disease and created a >$4.5 billion market.

  • Dr. Frank Szoka, whose invention of liposome nanoparticles enabled improved targeting of cancer cells and created a >$2 billion market.

They were joined by experienced entrepreneurs and business executives Dr. Allan Green and Mr. Bruce Leicher, Esq., who spoke and lead a discussion of strategies for creating successful products and businesses from scientific invention.

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