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The Center for Integration of Science and Industry is proud to present the Innovator’s Business Series. 


The Innovator's Business Series features talks and informal discussions with thought leaders from academia and industry focused on best practices in translational science. Speakers present the perspective of successful innovators in translating scientific advances into public value. The theme of the series centers on the need for integrating technological and business innovation in the fields of biotechnology, healthcare, high-tech and alternative energy.

Innovator's Business Series: Recent Speakers

       Formerly the President and CEO of Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

  • Donald Berwick

    President Emeritus and Senior Fellow of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement
    Formely the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

  • Joshua Boger

       Executive Chairman, Alkeus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
       Formerly the President, CEO and Chairman of Vertex Pharmaceuticals

       Formerly the Executive Vice-President for Technology and Innovation, IBM.

       President and CEO of Envivo Pharmaceuticals