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The Center for Integration of Science and Industry is proud to present the Innovator’s Business Series.  Speakers will present the perspective of successful innovators in translating scientific advances into public value.  This series will highlight the need for integrating technological and business innovation in fields of biotechnology, healthcare, high-tech and alternative energy.


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Innovator's Business Series: Dr. Donald M. Berwick
The Business of Healthcare Reform: What it looks like and what we should do


Monday, October 19th 5:00 pm - 6:00pm
Bentley University's Wilder Pavilion
Adamian Academic Center
175 Forest Street, Waltham


Dr. Berwick is recognized as a leader in healthcare improvement. He has served on President Clinton's Advisory Council, as Administrators of the Centers of Medicare and Medicade services, and as President of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Health Thought Leadership Reception to Follow

Join us in the Adamian lobby for refreshments and a lively discussion of the future of healthcare and the role of a business university.

Informal Discussion Leader

Danielle Hartigan, Natural and Applied Sciences

Round Table Discussants

Jill Brown, Management; Rob DeLeo, Global Studies; Janis Gogan, Information & Process Management; David Murungi, Information & Process Management; Christopher Skipwith; Natural & Applied Sciences; James Salsbury, Management