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Our Peer Advisor Coordinators have been selected to coordinate any volunteers and create programming for our Peer Advisors. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact them. Our selected PA Coordinators for 2016-2017 are Alexis Roos and Carinn Burns

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IES Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alex Hughes, 2018


Studied at: IES in Buenos Aires, Spring 2016

Major/Minor: Marketing/Global Management

What was a typical day like for you in your host city? The best thing about studying abroad is that there WASN’T a typical day.  Every day was unique, with its own challenges and experiences.  I spent a lot of my days in the classroom and in my host family’s home, but I spent many days walking the streets and parks of the city as well.

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Bond University, Australia

Nolen Dube, 2018


Studied at: Bond University, Fall 2016

Major/Minor: IDCC/ CIS

Why should Bentley students study abroad? Studying abroad allows students to gain a new perspective by living outside of a comfort zone. I strongly believe that you gain appreciation for something by being removed from it, and maybe students can see living in America or attending Bentley from a new angle. I also think that studying abroad gives students a higher level of personal responsibility. Personally, my hometown is close to Bentley, so I never had to learn to adjust to a new city when I moved to college. Studying abroad gives students the responsibility of researching and adapting to new surroundings, both geographically and culturally.

Alexandra Lukas, 2017
Studied at: Bond University, Fall 2015
Major/Minor: Managerial Economics, minor in Finance

What was one of your most meaningful experiences and why? One if my most meaningful experiences was the first week abroad and moving in to my dorm.  The whole week was scary for me, I did not know what to expect and not ready to be truly on my own for the next four months.  I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and tried to open up to the people around me and made so many friends just in that first week.  I learned a lot about myself in that first week and it made me excited for the rest of the semester.  

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RMIT, Australia

Nicole Konikow, 2018


Studied at: RMIT, Spring 2016

Major/Minor: Managerial Economics/Law

Why should Bentley students study abroad? Bentley students pride themselves on being competent, well-rounded individuals. Where some students are at a disadvantage, however, is that they lack cultural exposure. Studying abroad affords students with a cultural awareness that changes how one views the world. In addition, being in a foreign place where time differences prevent you from calling a parent for advice or guidance, forces exchange students to support themselves in a different way than ever before. Overall, studying abroad is an empowering experience that is both thrilling and eye opening. Anyone who chooses to study abroad will get extraordinary memories that will last forever. 

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WU Wien, Austria

Elena Abascal, 2017


Studied at: WU, Spring 2016

Major/Minor: Management/Marketing

What do you wish you had done differently? I wished I had taken more time researching the different courses offered at my host institution. The university has a really good reputation but I ended up dreading all of my classes because I only focused on the time periods and equivalences instead of focusing on the course content and professors. I feel I could have invested more time in this and would have gained a better insight into the institution and after all; there is a "studying" in studying abroad. 

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Vesalius College, Belgium

Eliza Brooks, 2017

Studied at: Vesalius College, Fall 2015

Major: Economics-Finance and a Ethics and Social Responsibility LSM

What was a typical day in the life while studying abroad? Who were you with and where did you go? A typical day studying abroad in Brussels, Belgium included a direct tram commute to classes, a bus ride to my internship, a sandwich for lunch and a piece of Belgian chocolate, a commute back home to my neighborhood on the outskirts of the city, and time with my host family before and during a Moroccan or Belgian dinner depending on that night’s cuisine of choice. On the weekends, my time was typically spent visiting the Grand Place area for “frites” and waffles or traveling to a new country throughout Europe.

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Alliance in Shanghai, China

Christopher Kondracki, 2018


Studied at: Alliance in Shanghai, Fall 2016

Major: Management and LSM in Global Perspectives 

#1 piece of advice for students studying abroad: My one piece of advice for students is to never think they are superior to anyone while studying abroad. I saw this as a common theme amongst my friends especially in China and thinking we had "foreign privilege". The one thing that I would stress is to not try to think your superior because your from America, but rather try to understand the people's culture first and where they are coming from. This especially important if you do not understand why people do things differently in another country. 


Andrew Lam, 2017


Studied at: Alliance in Shanghai, Spring 2016

Major/Minor: Finance/CIS

What was one of your most meaningful experiences and why? One of the most meaningful experiences that I had while studying abroad in Shanghai was honing in my Mandarin. Before I went to Shanghai, I knew very little Mandarin and I really wanted to improve it. By taking Mandarin class everyday, I realized that by the end of my semester in ShanghaiI could a great amount of Chinese characters and speak to locals. This was one of the most meaningful experiences because I realized that I did achieve my goal of improving my Mandarin while abroad.

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Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Davin McCarthy, 2017


Studied at: CBS, Spring 2016

Major: Accountancy

#1 piece of advice for students studying abroad: I recommend to take a course or two that is not offered at Bentley. Take a course relatd to the country or region that you are in. I took a course called Management of Cultural Projects and Processes. It was a course that was roughly 80-90% Danish students. I had a great opportunity to not only take a class out of my realm of expertise, but also with people from the country I was living in. 

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Yale Zirpolo, 2017


Studied at: CBS, Spring 2016

Major/Minor: Finance/ Natural and Applied Science

What was one of your most meaningful experiences and why? I became friends with a Danish student in one of my classes and he invited my over for dinner with his family. They made a huge traditional Danish feast and were urging me to try everything. Everyone of them were so kind and happy to have me there, it made me feel really welcome in a country I had only been in for a few weeks at the time. 

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London School of Economics, England

Alex Cydzick, 2017


Studied at: LSE, 2015/16 Academic Year

Major/Minor: Economics-Finance/CIS

#1 piece of advice for students studying abroad: Take risks. I don’t mean take dangerous risks, but step out of your own personal comfort zone because usually those situations are the ones you remember forever and have the most fun. If you just do the same kind of things you are used to, your abroad experience won’t reach its full potential. Take a trip with your friends, see a show, go to different bars, explore the city, eat new food and don’t revert back to your comfort zone and I’m sure you will have an absolutely awesome time abroad. It makes all the difference during the short time.

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Please see Christopher Volberg

Please see Eva Warburg 

Royal Holloway University of London, England

Lauren Rosenfeld, 2017


Major/Minor: Management, Health and Industry LSM/ Psychology and Law minors. 

#1 piece of advice for students studying abroad: My piece of advice is to not be afraid to talk to people you meet during the semester and to ask the local people questions. Get to know the people you are around! I have met some really interesting people from talking to people on tours, professors, and students at my university. I learned about so many places and learned so much from taxi drivers in England as well as other countries when traveling. Most of all I learned about so many different cultures. 

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NEOMA, France

Kristin Salazar, 2018


Studied at: NEOMA, Fall 2016

Major/Minor: Finance/ France and Marketing

What was a typical day in the life while studying abroad? A typical day in Rouen began with a croissant! After a run along the Seine river (which runs through Paris and right by my apartment building), I normally took a bus to campus where I had classes with French and exchange students. If the weather was nice, everyone was outside – just like at the Bentley Greenspace. After classes, some wander the cobblestone streets and shops of Rouen. Some weeks, French students would open their apartments to exchange students for dinner parties organized by the school. If it was a Sunday, my friends and I were always at Rouen Bowling – only 3€ for a game!


Corvinus University, Hungary

Virginia Duffy, 2017


Studied at: Corvinus University, Spring 2015

Major/Minor: Global Studies major

What was one of your most meaningful experiences and why? Perhaps my most meaningful experience was the day I spent at my “tandem” partner’s house in the rural town of Esztergom, Hungary. After a homemade lunch with her family of six, I was taught the Hungarian alphabet by her six year-old brother.  As he flipped through a deck of flashcards meant for a toddler, I would try my hardest to mimic the sounds he was making, my face lighting up probably just as much as his when I would finally pronounce a letter correctly.  After this, I realized that there are some human experiences that transcend location and culture. 

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University College Dublin, Ireland

Alexis Roos, 2017

Studied at: UCD, Fall 2015

Major/Minor: Finance/ Supply Chain Management

What was one of your most meaningful experiences and why? One of the best decisions I made while abroad was joining the UCD Softball Club. Though it may sound silly, one thing I think most students going abroad do not realize is that it is really important to make friends with students from their host country. Joining softball was a way for me to put myself out there and meet new people; it also gave me a place to be every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. From this experience I have made countless memories and gained some Irish and other study abroad friends. 

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Remi Claire, 2017


Studied at: UCD, Fall 2015

Major: Managerial Economics

#1 piece of advice for students studying abroad: Write in a journal. Even if you’re not someone who would typically do this, you will thank yourself when you return home. Abroad isn’t just about the trips you take from your host city, it’s about the things you notice on your way to class, it’s about the new dish you tried at a local restaurant, it’s about the stories your cab driver tells you. It is impossible to remember all of these things unless you write them down. Even if it’s just a few sentences, you’ll be able to look back and have an accurate depiction of what your abroad experience really was like. 

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IES Milan, Italy

Meilin Zhu, 2017


Studied at: IES Milan, Fall 2015

Major/Minor: CIS/Global Sudies

What do you wish you had done differently? I wish I could've been more proactive in meeting locals. Since I didn’t take classes at partnering universities, I didn’t get to interact with many Italian students. I think meeting more locals would not have only allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the culture but also help me practice the language as well. I stayed with a host family, which was beneficial to those aspects, but having conversations in Italian outside of home would have created an even more immersive experience. 

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Lorenzo de'Medici, Italy

Joe Chiarelli, 2018


Studied at: LDM, Fall 2016

Major/Minor: Accountancy/ Non-Profit Organizations

What was one of your most meaningful experiences?  My most meaningful experiences came in the way of volunteering. I volunteered weekly at two different organizations, one of which was a food and clothing distribution center for those in need while the other was a private Italian elementary school where I helped students learn English. At the distribution center, I worked alongside three elderly Italian women who didn’t speak a single word of English. However, using the limited Italian I knew and basic gestures, I was able to work alongside them effectively. They were extremely kind and supportive and I looked forward to seeing them each week. Aside from the women I worked with, I was able to speak with the individuals who came in to receive food and clothing, and hearing their stories and learning about their backgrounds had an immense impact on my outlook on Italian life and culture. I cannot describe just how much I looked forward to attending both volunteer sites, as the individuals I met and the experiences I encountered made my trip to Italy seem meaningful.

Kelly Colleran, 2017


Studied at: LDM, Fall 2015

Major/Minor: Accountancy, Global Perspectives LSM

What was your favorite local gem to go to? My favorite local gem was a cafe called ITIT. It was located in between where I was living and school, so it was a convenient place to hang out in between classes during the week. ITIT serves great cappuccinos, coffees, espresso, yogurts, pasteries, etc. It also has a great ambiance and free WiFi, which makes it a great spot for homework and studying, with lots of chairs, tables, and couches. 

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Joe Greeley, 2017


Studied at: LDM, Fall 2015

Major/Minor: Economics major/ Finance (Sports Management) minor. 

Why sould Bentley students study abroad? Bentley students should study abroad as it is a great expereince that develops you as a person. College is a time for students to develop themselves as young adults in order to prepare themselves to be sucessful post-graduation. Studying abroad is a perfect opportunity for students to become successful, independent young adults. Students will learn ho to survive, along, in a foreign country while learning about another culture. Business is constantly becoming more global and there is no better way for students to learn about coexisting with other cultures than to live in a foreign city. 

Mary Ponziani, 2018


Studied at: LDM, Fall 2016

Major/Minor: Marketing/Finance

What was one of your most meaningful experiences and why? My most meaningful experience was having my parents come visit me in Florence. I had gone the longest without seeing them in my entire life, and having the opportunity to show them around my new home and let them into this new life I had created for myself was something special. My parents helped provided yme with my experience. My parents told me there was no greater thank you than seeing me thrive in Italy, my homeland, and taking advantage of every day. Showing them around Florence made me realize how much I had grown to know the narrow streets and beautiful squares, and it was the best feeling knowing I could call Florence my city. 

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Al Akhawayn University, Morocco 

Fiona Smith, 2018


Studied at: AUI, Summer 2016

Major: ISAC

What was a typical day like while studying abroad? Every day we had class from 8am to 1pm with a much needed half an hour coffee break in the middle. It was quite intense so we would relax most of the rest of the day as well as do homework. Popular hang out spots would be the cafe on campus or we would walk into town for ice cream or dinner. We mainly hung out with the other students in our program. During Ramadan, we would usually eat dinner much later when the fast was broken and most Moroccans tended to stay up late into the night to eat. Weekends would be filled with trips to explore the country.

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Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Casey Moy, 2017


Studied at: NTU, Fall 2015

Major/Minor: Finance major, Mangement and Health & Industry minors. 

#1 piece of advice for students studying abroad: Don’t underestimate the country you’re in. Yes, study abroad is a wonderful opportunity to travel and explore new countries, but sometimes it’s more fun to get to know the country or city you’ll be living in for the next five months. Explore the local neighborhoods and streets that aren’t so touristy or find local events to attend to, like a trade market, performances, or festivals. Study abroad is about immersing yourself into a new culture. You’ll have plenty of time to travel to other countries, so don’t overlook the one you’re living in!

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University of Cape Town, South Africa

Please see: Luke Anneser

Malakhai Pearson, 2017


Studied at: UCT, Spring 2016

Major: Creative Industries

What was one of your most meaningful experiences and why? A housemade and I ended up finding ourselves at a startup business panel located in Philipi- a township of Cape Town. To our suprise, the "panel" was infact a business competition with participants from all over Africa competing for a grand prize of 25 thousand US dollars. My housemate and I were so engaged by the ideas that were presented that day. We realized that the potential for business in Africa is matched by the needs of the people. With that said, we were both extremely motivated that business can in fact really change people's lives for the better. 

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Sarah Egner, 2017


Studied at: UCT, Fall 2015

Major/Minor: Creative Industries/ Marketing

What was a typical day in the life while studying abroad? During my typical day of studying, I would have most of my day at school alone. I walk to the “Jammie” Bus stop, which was about a 10 minute walk through my neighborhood. The bus took me to University where I would have usually 2 – 3 classes a day, a mixture of lecture halls and tutorial meetings with smaller groups of students. After finishing class I would again take the “Jammie” home and walk back to my house where I would meet with housemates. We often would go out for dinner together to a nearby restaurant we would walk to. 

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Kyrra White, 2017


Studied at: UCT, Spring 2016

Major/Minor: Corporate Finance and Accounting, Global Perspectives LSM

What was a typical day in the life while studying abroad? Who were you with and where did you go?  A typical day in Cape Town, South Africa consisted of attending lectures and participating in class discussions. While attending lectures, I met individuals from all over the world. I became close friends with many of my student peers. I spent most of my time with local students and other international students from Africa. My goal was to make as many African friends as possible. I really wanted to immerse myself in African culture by surrounding myself with African friends. I slowly began to pick up their language and grasp a general understanding of their cultural values. I explored Cape Town almost every night. After class, I would join friends and enjoy the experiences and activities Cape Town has to offer.

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CIEE in Seoul, South Korea

Jordan Venne, 2017


Studied at: CIEE in Seoul, 2015/16 Academic Year

Major: Economics-Finance

What do you wish you had done differently? One thing I wished I had done differently was immediately study the language rigouriously. I studied abroad for two semesters and now can speak Korean at a decent level, but I improved mostly during the second semester. I believe if I had focused more on the language the first semester, I could have jump started my learning and be more competent at this time. The main reason for this was that I spent a lot of time with other Americans and English-speaking foreigners during the first semester, but during the second semester with a lot of locals. In the long run, doing the latter is far, far better. Practicing with locals, taking a course, and some studying on the side sounds like a good formula for maximizing your study abroad and learning the language.

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API in Barcelona, Spain

Tori Rotermund, 2017


Studied at: API Barcelona, Fall 2015

Major/Minor: Marketing major/ IDCC minor

What was a tipical day in the life while studying abroad? A typical day for me included attending classes, exploring Barcelona, and trying new restaurants with my four roommates who became my best friends. I love to venture out and visit new places; it was fun to discover the hidden gems of Barcelona, like Parc Cuitadella, Bunkers, and the Born District. I also love to eat out, so experiencing the restaurants was a huge part of learning the culture.  At the end of the day, I usually jotted some notes or organized pictures for my personal blog and my API blog. (I was an official API blogger: 

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CIEE in Sevilla, Spain

Jeremy Lopez, 2018


Studied at: CIEE Sevilla, Fall 2016

Major/Minor: Management/Accounting

What was one of your most meaningful experiences abroad? One of my most meaningful experiences while aboard was a conversation I had with my host mom one night after dinner.  In this conversation we talked about the history of Spain but it was not the conversation itself that made this experience special for me.  In fact, this was the conversation where I truly began to feel like part of the family.  I had never before been so excited to talk in Spanish after this conversation and my heart was pounding in a way that I could explain as I could not wait to learn more about the Spanish culture. 

Eva Warburg, 2017


Studied at: LSE, Summer 2015, CIEE Sevilla, Fall 2015

Major/Minor: CFA major

What was your favorite local gem to go to? My favorite local gem was a tapas and cocktail bar called “the second room”. The bartenders were all so friendly and always greeted my roommate and I with a hug and double cheek kiss. We received unbelievable discounts every time we went and had amazing chats with the staff and other regular customers. They truly made you feel at home and special. Whenever we walked by it on the street they would say hello to us by name. When we walked in, we would be surprised with new foreign food and drinks. I can’t wait to return one day in the future! 

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ESADE, Spain

Danica Chugani, 2017


Studied at: ESADE, Fall 2015

Major/Minor: Eco-Fi major, Entrepreneurial Studies minor

What do you wish you had done differently?  I wish I would have made friends with more local people. I stayed with a group of friends who were mostly other exchange students coming from American colleges. And although I met new people and created new friendships, I wish I would have made a conscious effort to put myself out there and get to know other Spanish students and really broaden my insight on a Spanish person’s views - academically and in a personal perspective.

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Universidad de Navarra, Spain

Allison Criscenzo, 2017


Studied at: UNAV, Fall 2015

Major/Minor: Economics, Ethics and Social Responsibility LSM

What was your favorite local gem to go to? Every Thursday all of the places to eat in the Old Town would lower their prices for the evening so we were always sure to meet up and walk down there. It became my favorite night of the week because the whole school came out and you were sure to see tons of people you knew. We could stay out talking and socializing for hours without realizing the time was passing, and there were so many places open in the area that we all just ate in the streets!! 

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Christopher Volberg, 2017
Studied at: UNAV, Spring 2016, LSE, Summer 2014
Major/Minor: Economics-Finance/ Politics 

What was a typical day like in your host country? Walking to the university in the quiet hills of Navarra, engaging with students from around the globe, and finishing the day with a beautiful dinner prepared by the roommates and myself. 

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Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Spain

Abby Eisner, 2018


Studied at: Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Fall 2016

Major/Minor: IDCC/Law 

What was your favorite local gem to go to? My favorite local gem was a flea market that was much less well known than the famous El Rastro flea market. This was the railroad museum flea market and it was only once a month. It was filled with just locals and tehre were so many great little knick knacks and delicious food to eat. I loved going to it by myself and just walking the aisles and talking to people. 

Kevin Fitzgerald, 2017


Studied at: Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Fall 2015

Major: Accounting

What do you wish you would have done differently? If I could do one thing differently, I would have done a home stay. Before going abroad, I had wrote off a home stay because I thought it would be awkward and too restricting. But now looking back, I wish I would have done one because it would have been a great way to learn the language. Also, I feel that a locals are invaluable sources of insight on good places to eat and hang out. I would definitely recommend that anyone studying abroad would do a home stay.

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Semester at Sea

Luke Anneser, 2017


Studied at: Semester at Sea, Spring 2015, University of Cape Town, Spring 2016

Major/Minor: CFA major, Global Perspectives LSM

What do you wish you would have done differently? I wish I had done more travel with small groups of friends to less touristy places. Traveling in big groups might seem like a grand plan, but when only one person speaks the language and each person has very specific ideas of what they what to do, the best plan can diminish very fast. In addition, I wish I could have talked more with the crew on our ship, there was lots of diversity among the crew and I wish I had gotten to know them better. 

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Carinn Burns, 2017


Studied at: Semester at Sea, Fall 2015

Major: Marketing

What was a typical day in the life while studying abroad? The best part about Semester at Sea was that there was no typical day! Every day was different and that was what made my experience as amazing as it was. Waking up in a new country all the time and exploring with different people was incredible and made my semester a constant learning experience as I was being exposed to new things constantly. 

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