Business school in Boston

Get a degree from a business school in Boston.

Interested in a business degree? Consider a business school in Boston. Renowned as a world-class center of education, healthcare, high tech and finance, Boston offers access to many of the world's leading businesses and business leaders. Students getting a business degree or MBA in Boston frequently have the chance to intern at innovative companies during school and to interview and work for these same companies once they have completed their degree. While attending a business school in Boston, students also have access to the city's rich cultural and historic resources.

When considering colleges in Boston, Bentley University, located just minutes west of the financial district, is a business school in Boston that is ranked as one of the best in the nation. With leading graduate and undergraduate programs in business, Bentley combines a quintessential New England college campus with access to one of the world's great metropolises.

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Bentley University – a leading business school in Boston.

Ranked as one of the best business schools in the nation, Bentley University seeks to prepare students to enter the business world as leaders with deep technical skills, a broad global perspective and a strong sense of accountability to the ethical standards needed to make a difference in a quickly changing world.

Combining an innovative business curriculum with the richness of a liberal arts education and state-of-the art technology, Bentley offers students in Boston an education that will help them navigate the business world with practical and transferrable skills.

Benefits of a Boston-based school for business studies.

As a leading business school in Boston and highly reputable MBA university, Bentley provides:

  • A wide range of business degrees, including 20 undergraduate majors, three MBA programs and seven Master of Science degrees.
  • A flexible and innovative curriculum that prepares students for the business challenges they will face while promoting ethical and socially responsible choices and behavior and focusing on the role technology can play in achieving high performance.
  • A highly regarded faculty who combine real experience in the business world with a commitment to excellent teaching and cutting-edge research.
  • Job placement success. Bentley has an excellent track record helping graduates find work after college, thanks to the school's excellent reputation and a robust alumni network.

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