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Multicultural Center












Multicultural Center Mission Statement

Promotes cultural awareness, knowledge, and inquiry, for students to gain the skills to learn more about their personal identity and appreciate the uniqueness of others. 

Develop innovative programs that promote inclusion and diversity in all aspects of the student experience.


Center Values

Our differences should not only be accepted and celebrated, but fully woven into the fabric of the university. 

  • Support students of color, first generation students, and their allies
    • Creating and maintaining a safe space for dialogue, and providing resources for students to succeed
  • Educate the campus community
    • Empower students to seek out meaningful diverse interactions and engage in thoughtful dialogue
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, and other stakeholders
    • Enhancing the richness of our community by utilizing the mosaic of experience and expertise of the Bentley community


The Multicultural Center, located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center, is the hub of our efforts to create a diverse and inclusive campus community. We serve as an advocate for all students on campus and host a myriad of programs, workshops, and more as part of our outreach efforts. The center also serves as a resource students utilizing the follow avenues:

  • Academic services and support
  • Leadership programs
  • Mentorship
  • Special events
  • Celebrations, and more!

Connect with our office for information about the Multicultural Center and we will find you ways to engage with others who are also interested in diverse perspectives, cultures, and lifestyles at Bentley!