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Master of Business Analytics

Data analytics, often referred to as “Big Data,” is an emerging and immensely powerful resource for businesses and other organizations, especially because of its predictive capabilities.

Within the next three years, there will be roughly two million job openings in data analytics but only about one third of them are expected to be filled. As a result, starting salaries for business analytics specialists are expected to be exceptionally high.

Companies use big data to learn more about their customers and their needs.  Researchers in the health care industry, for example, have been able to track disease patterns, organize patient information, and determine the best treatments. Geographers are able to analyze both land features to aid architects and hiking trends to assist rescue teams.

Bentley’s MSBA curriculum provides you with both breadth and the ability to specialize.  You’ll take six required statistical courses and then can elect further concentration in one of six clusters ranging from data science to finance.