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Masters of Finance

Developed in collaboration with the corporate community, the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program integrates mathematics, economics, accounting, and associated disciplines with the theories and applications of finance.

Graduates are prepared to thrive in today’s global financial marketplace.

In addition to gaining a firm foothold in financial theory, students develop the ability to analyze the relevant issues, consider options, and make informed decisions. Much like today’s workplace, the masters in finance curriculum is infused with technology which gives graduates a competitive edge in the job market.

The Bentley masters in finance also offers students:

  • An opportunity to pursue tracks in corporate finance, learning how to maximize shareholder wealth; or capital markets, preparing for work in industries that match investors and capital-seeking corporations
  • Flexible course schedules and online offerings
  • Hands-on experience in the Trading Room which exposes them to the hardware, software, and other applications used by today’s financial managers
  • Insight from business partners who visit classes, as well as the opportunity to develop relationships with those partners
  • Longstanding recruiting and placement relationships with regional and national firms; state, local and federal government agencies; and leading corporations around the world
  • A strong alumni network that aids your job search and career advancement

Students in the masters in finance program acquire skills in financial analysis and decision-making that provide a rock-solid career foundation.


General Information

For more information about the masters in finance application or financial aid processes, contact Debbie O'Brien at 781.891.2441 or

Master of Science in Finance Program

If you have specific questions regarding the Bentley masters in finance program, contact program director George Hachey at 781.891.2514 or