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Spiritual Life Programs

Campus Programs

Bentley Service-Learning Center Partnership

We partner with the Bentley Service-Learning Center to provide information on the spiritual component of service. Student project managers and staff are encouraged to be mindful of the spiritual questions that often arise during community service and recommend referrals to Spiritual Life should it be appropriate. Opportunities for post-graduate, faith-based community service organizations also can be explored. 

Habitat for Humanity

During winter break, we host a one-week trip to Habitat for Humanity regional locations. The group spends significant time on site, but also reflects daily on their experiences as an individuals and a group. 

Spot o’ Tea Series

Sponsored by the Spiritual Life Center and the Residential Center, the Spot o’ Tea Series is a monthly program for conversation about hot topics in contemporary religion and spirituality. Past topics have included spirituality in the work place, fashionable faith (how people physically wear symbols of their beliefs), and using spirituality as a tool for stress reduction.

Faith-Based Programs


A relatively new philosophy both in America and at Bentley, Buddhism is supported on campus through:

  • Weekly seated meditations
  • Books and articles in the Sacred Space
  • Dharma talks (discussions of Buddhist ideas)
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Trips to Boston-area Buddhist activities


In addition to liturgy, we provide you with opportunities to socialize and enrich your faith through:

  • Celebration of the sacraments
  • Prayer retreats
  • Charitable projects, food and clothing collections and outreach
  • Workshops and guest speakers
  • Counseling and peer ministry
  • Catholic Campus Connection, a student-run organization
  • RENEW, a weekly, student-led scripture study


Hillel serves the religious, social and cultural needs of our Jewish community members through:

  • Fourth Friday Kabbalat Shabbat services, Friday night dinners and Sunday brunches
  • Zedakah social justice activities
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Participation in the Birthright program
  • Invitation to take part in all activities at Waltham’s Temple Beth Israel
  • Support for intercampus activities and trips sponsored by the Hillel Council of New England


The Bentley Islamic Community, a student-run organization, and the Muslim adviser address Islamic needs on campus through:

  • Weekly scheduled Jum’ah prayer
  • Observances of Ramadan through aftars (daily breaking of the fast) and mahgrib prayer
  • Information about local masjids, halal product vendors and eid celebrations
  • Conversations regarding current Islamic events and practices


The Protestant fellowship at Bentley encourages spiritual growth through:

  • Communion on the first Sunday of each month
  • Weekly worship services, with recognition of denominational differences
  • Prayer services and Bible study
  • Fellowship nights and community services
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Celebration of seasons of the Christian year, including Christmas, Lent and Easter
  • Bentley Christian Fellowship, a student-run organization, that meets weekly for Bible study and fellowship