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Corporate Programming

The CWB is committed to helping companies and professional services firms compete effectively in a constantly changing global marketplace by creating – and maintaining - inclusive work environments where women can succeed and advance to leadership positions.   In partnership with the business community, the CWB seeks to identify critical challenges, opportunities and emerging issues and to develop practical and creative strategies that will enable companies to better support, retain and promote women.  Recognizing that men and women have been similarly affected by the increasing demands of today’s work environments, and that men often are the most effective advocates of women in the workplace, the CWB engages men in a collaborative effort to advance its mission.  

The CWB’s corporate programming includes: conferences designed to generate and disseminate emerging best practices in areas of critical importance to the development of truly inclusive workplaces; informal, off-the-record workshops in which groups of peers share their experiences and perceptions about topics of particular concern to them; and programs for women at various stages of their careers (e.g., the first decade of work, moving into executive positions).   A hallmark of all CWB programs is their interactive nature. 

In addition, we engage corporate partners in some of our research as well as in our student programming. 

Companies that are interested in partnering with the CWB are encouraged to contact us at