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Water and Coffee Service

Vendor: Poland Spring

Account Representative: Scott Laforce

Address: 105 Pennsylvania Avenue, Framingham, MA 01701

c: 978-420-9980

f: 508-935-3513



Description of Services Offered: Per a campus-wide agreement, Poland Spring provides water and coffee products and equipment to Bentley.  The following products have been specified as standards of the institution:

Coffee products include:

Coffeemaker: pour-over or Keurig
Regular Coffee
Decaffeinated Coffee
Paper Cups
Sugar Canister
Stir Sticks

Water products include:

5-gallon bottles
hot/cold water dispensing unit
bottleless hot/cold dispensing unit
plastic cups

How to Order: To order new service, supplies, or to place a service call, contact Shawn O'Brien.

How Billing is Handled:  Purchasing Card