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Water and Coffee Service

Ready Refresh (formerly Poland Spring)

Account Representative: William Gray, cell: 978.479.0003 or email:

Address: 105 Pennsylvania Avenue, Framingham, MA 01701

Enterprise Service Center: 800.950.9907 8:00am - 6:30pm


Description of Services Offered: Per a campus-wide agreement, Ready Refresh provides water and coffee products and equipment to Bentley.  The following products have been specified as standards of the institution:

Coffee products include:

Coffeemaker: pour-over or Keurig
Regular Coffee
Decaffeinated Coffee
Paper Cups
Sugar Canister
Stir Sticks

Water products include:

5-gallon bottles
hot/cold water dispensing unit
bottleless hot/cold dispensing unit
plastic cups

How to Order: To order new service, contact Procurement and Campus Services. Once your account is established, water, coffee and supplies should be ordered via the Ready Refresh online portal. Service requests should be made through the Enterprise Service Center at 800.950.9907 or email

How Billing is Handled:  Purchasing Card

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