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Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services

Welcome to Bentley University Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services, located off campus at 311 Beaver Street in the Harrington House.

Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services fully supports a range of areas including our strategic sourcing and procurement function, the Corporate Card program, real estate and asset management, and the management of all outsourced campus service contracts. These include: The Conference Center at Bentley, Barnes & Noble campus bookstore and convenience store, mail services, vending services, laundry services, and all administrative programs such as business travel, office supply, records management and convenience copy.

We welcome your feedback to best provide optimal service, meet the needs of our consumer, and meet our mission. We strive to provide competent business leadership as we guide the many business processes that so greatly impact the university.

The Convenience Copy Program comprises a network of digital MFD copiers located throughout the university campus for use by all faculty and staff on a walk-up basis. These copiers should be used as a primary source for all general copy requirements.

The capabilities of the Convenience Copiers are not limitless, however, and the following guidelines should be taken into consideration.

Bentley University Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services
t: 781.891.3456
f: 781.891.3152