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Business Travel

Bentley has a Business Travel Program designed to support the travel service needs of the Bentley business traveler, while embracing administrative efficiency. The program is defined in the following Travel Policy document. The review of this policy is critical prior to securing any business travel arrangements which will be paid for with Bentley funds.

The program utilizes the service of designated travel service providers.  Engaging a Master Contract source allows for significantly greater administrative efficiency, commitment to major airline discount agreements, as well as the ability to readily assist a business traveler in crisis.


Egencia® Travel

Our Egencia® Travel program is designed to support most business travel excursions involving flights, hotel accommodations and car rentals. For more complex, multiple destination international travel itineraries we have designated The Travel Collaborative. The following provides quick information for using these sources.

Using Egencia® Travel

Setting Up Your Egencia® Travel Account:

1. Contact Procurement and Campus Services at extension 3456 to establish your account.

2. You will quickly receive a confirming e-mail with log-in and password, and information to assist you in using Egencia® Travel. Log in to complete your user profile information.

3. Click “My Profile” in the menu bar at the top of the page, and add your preferences.

You may now begin purchasing business travel through our Egencia® Travel program.

Bentley Travel Arrangers:

If you arrange travel for other Bentley business travelers, please contact Procurement and Campus Services at extension 3456 to establish a Travel Arranger account.

Egencia® Travel - Agent Assisted Individual & Group Travel and Technical Support:

If you prefer to speak with an agent rather than making an on-line transaction, our program offers Egencia® Travel specialists. For agent assistance, as well as technical support for assistance in making an on-line transaction call:

Egencia® Travel 24 Hour Traveler Assistance:

For 24-hour traveler assistance, call 855-443-6947 .

Egencia® Travel Transaction Fees:

•       $7.00 On-line Domestic and International transaction fee.
•       $32 Agent Assisted Domestic transaction fee.
•       $42 Agent Assisted International transaction fee.
•       No transaction fees for on-line hotel reservations and car rental.

The Travel Collaborative

Using The Travel Collaborative:

For reservations for more complex, multiple-stop international itineraries, contact The Travel Collaborative.

Travel Collaborative Contact Information:

Susan McGonagle:  617-497-8151

David Reid O’Brien:  617-497-8137

Thom Mulhern: 617-497-8149

For emergency traveler assistance outside of The Travel Collaborative office hours (Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm), call 203.800.4680 for both domestic and international itineraries. 

The Travel Collaborative Transaction Fees:

 •     Agent Assisted transaction fees: $34 airfare, $27 Amtrak.
 •     No fees for hotel and car rental reservations.

Bentley Travel Support

For assistance in using Egencia® Travel or The Travel Collaborative, or to secure authorized alternative sources for exceptional situations, contact Procurement and Campus Services at 781.891.3456.