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Mathematical Sciences

Through our Mathematical Sciences programs—from undergraduate degrees to master’s level studies and certifications to a PhD—you will discover how mathematics theory and practice apply to business operations. Our curriculum joins study of statistics, business analytics and management science with hands-on technical skills—all of which give you a powerful combination of business know-how and insight.


News and Events

Join the Math Club

The Math Club gives students and faculty the opportunity to enjoy academic and social events, such as meeting local executives and visiting companies, and taking part in community-service activities.

New Courses

We are offering the following new courses for fall: graduate course MA610, experimental course MA299 Data Mining, and seminar course MA402H Agent Based Modeling.

Teaching and Research Highlights

Haughton Receives Research Grant

Dominique Haughton received a research grant for “Dynamic and structure of bi-partite networks: the case of interlocking boards”, with Francois-Xavier Dudouet, Pierre Latouche and Fabrice Rossi.

Carter Teaches with Liberty Mutual

Nathan Carter is teaching MA402 Actuarial Practicum with Advanced Excel Modeling in collaboration with Liberty Mutual.