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Computer Information Systems

Today’s successful business strategies depend on integrating information technology into all aspects of an organization. In the Computer Information Systems Department, our programs focus on essential information technologies, providing specific expertise to analyze, design and develop information systems ranging through all business processes and across every industry.

CIS Sandbox Blog

Obsolete Technologies

Usually the CIS Sandbox shares the latest in technologies, but here is an article making its way around the web and facebook about technologies that are obsolete. How many do you...

Business Insight Made with Tennis Data

When IBM first released the SlamTracker and PointStream system for Grand Slams in 2010, I was very attracted since I was fond of data and I am a super tennis fan. With the...

Excel 2013 Tutorials

New Excel 2013 Tutorials are up! This is the first batch of videos.We will upload more in the next few weeks. Check them out under the Excel 2013 tutorial tab. List of Videos and ...

Teaching and Research Highlights

Faculty Research Awards

CIS faculty have won a number of prestigious research awards from leading conferences, professional societies and journals.

Knowledge Creation/Sharing in Ethiopia

Professor Monica Garfield’s work in knowledge creation and sharing in Ethiopia has focused on three specific areas.