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Computer Information Systems

Today’s successful business strategies depend on integrating information technology into all aspects of an organization. In the Computer Information Systems Department, our programs focus on essential information technologies, providing specific expertise to analyze, design and develop information systems ranging through all business processes and across every industry.

CIS Sandbox Blog

Microsoft Gaming – 10 Finalists!

We are glad to announce the 10 finalists of the Microsoft Game Contest. You can try those games now! Vote for the Game Contest Winners. 4:30 to 6 PM in the CIS Sandbox! 1. Bounce...

Starting a StartUp

Three things to create a successful startup : good people, make something customers actually want, and spend as little money as possible building the product. Below is a list of...

25th Anniversary of the World Wide Web – A Panel Discussion

Bentley Faculty discussed about how the web has changed the world, and what the future holds in store. The event was hosted on Monday, October 27, 12:45pm-2:00pm, La Cave 375A, co...

Teaching and Research Highlights

Faculty Research Awards

CIS faculty have won a number of prestigious research awards from leading conferences, professional societies and journals.

Knowledge Creation/Sharing in Ethiopia

Professor Monica Garfield’s work in knowledge creation and sharing in Ethiopia has focused on three specific areas.