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In today's competitive global market, companies search for competent business and financial leaders to make the right decisions promptly and effectively to achieve success. Our Finance programs give today's and tomorrow's leaders with these skills to excel in the marketplace. Our faculty include internationally recognized scholars and researchers with extensive practical experience as former CEOs, CFOs, and investment professionals. 

Recent Graduates

Research Highlights

TARP Funds

Marcia Cornett has been studying the performance of banks around the receipt and repayment of TARP funds.

Stock Splits

Kartik Raman and Kristina Minnick have analyzed why stock splits have been declining.

Department News

Bentley’s MSF Program recognized by CFA Institute!

The Master of Science in Finance degree of Bentley University’s Graduate School of Business has been welcomed into the CFA Institute’s University Recognition Program. 

Teaching Interests

Range of Finance Courses

The department offers an exceptionally wide range of basic and advanced finance courses.