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History is an encompassing discipline, spanning people, places and events. Our History degree programs combine in-depth historical study of specific regions or themes with exploration of how these insights shape modern culture, society and business.

Research Highlights

Recent Publications

New Books! In 2015, four faculty members published monographs and edited volumes. Congratulations to Professors Bridie Andrews, Chris Beneke, Sung Choi, and Cyrus Veeser!

Trofimov Series on post-Civil War Russia

Professor Leonid Trofimov will publish several volumes in a document and commentary series on post-Civil War Russia for Hackett Publishers, a major press.

Department News

2016 History Department Essay Prize goes to Richard Randolph, class of 2017

Richard Randolph minors in History and has won this year's Essay Prize for his paper "Why Football is Not in Trouble" written under the guidance of Professor Chris Beneke.

History meets MBA

Professor Cyrus Veeser, member of the Environments team, introduces his module "Analyzing Complexity" to the Bentley MBA program, a course based on real live case studies.


Reenacting History

Professor Putney's Civil War class reenact battles from the war

History Students in the World

Professor Cyrus Veeser and his Latin American History class traveled to Ecuador where they helped build a local medical clinic.