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Natural and Applied Sciences

Science and technology are driving today’s innovation economy. Our Natural and Applied Science degrees combine scientific knowledge and discovery with the understanding needed to make informed and responsible choice about the personal, business, social and ethical issues arising from scientific discovery.


Curiculum Highlights

Scientific Domains

Science is big business, and it's only getting bigger. Succeeding in this new bio-economy requires a synergy to produce informed environment, health-care and biotech leaders of tomorrow

Faculty Highlights

Bentley Professor Leads Effort to Detoxify Local Child Care Centers

Creating Economic Value from Algae

At the Forefront of Sustainable Food, Bentley Research Fellow Brings Algae to the Table

Mining the Ice Age to Predict our Future

Bentley Professor Awarded NSF Grant to Study Glacial Melting Implications in Age of Global Warming

PreparedU Features

Why a Business University and Its Students Should Be Invested in Healthcare Reform

Improving healthcare isnt just for medical minds but for the next gen of biz leaders 

Thought Leadership on Health and Health Care Thrives at Bentley

Finding solutions for local, national, and global health challenges calls for a coordinated approach cutting across business and the arts and sciences,” says Health TLN Director Danielle

Department and News Media

Recent Activities

Mining the Ice Age to Predict Our Future 
NSF Grant to Study Glacial Melting Implications in Age of Global Warming

PTD on summit da Wash. in winter

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