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Student Profile

Masters of Human Factors in Information Design students represent a wide range of relevant disciplines, to create a learning environment that mirrors the professional world.

We deliberately recruit students with work and academic experience spanning a broad range of fields and industries. Their diverse backgrounds in engineering, industrial design, user interface design, information architecture, digital media, the social sciences, and other relevant area create a dynamic backdrop for learning.

As a community, we work to gain a deeper understanding of the user and the user experience, with a goal of improving lives. Our students are motivated, experienced, creative and — most important — passionate about the art and science of experience design.

Applicants to the Masters of Human Factors in Information Design are required to have three years of professional experience; the average is nine years, which promotes a lively exchange of insights and ideas in the classroom. Candidates with less experience should contact the program director.

Program enrollment is about 135 students, approximately 20 of whom are studying full time. The population of part-time students includes more than 30 who participate online and 20 students are enrolled in the California program.