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Bentley Masters in Human Factors Alumni

Find yourself one person away from the job you want

A key success factor for any graduate program is the size, quality and loyalty of its alumni community.  Over the past 20 years, hundreds of graduates have been added to our alumni network. Alumni remain actively involved with the program through our long-running social network, recruiting graduates, offering internships and serving as mentors to our active students. Graduates of the Bentley program are generally recognized as leaders in the profession and are employed by leading business and technology communities, both domestically and internationally. Alumni continue to reap the benefits of this network throughout their professional journey.

Renee Keith

Renee Keith, User Experience Researcher, Uber

Renee Keith, class of 2017, was working in health care and witnessing first-hand the overall patient frustration that runs through the industry. A friend studying at Bentley suggested she look into a degree in UX, kicking off a journey that eventually led to a successful career at Uber.

"The hands-on learning from beginning to end. Collaborating with my fellow classmates and working with real clients from some of the largest Fortune 500 companies was my favorite part of the program. Nearly every class offered this real-world experience, which truly prepares you for the UX field after grad school."

Tomer Sharon

Tomer Sharon, Managing Director, Head of User Research & Metrics, Goldman Sachs

Tomer Sharon, class of 2008, saw himself as bringing "truth to the table" in the new product development cycle - ideally in time to make a difference in the outcome. He pursued the Bentley HFID program to learn from people who pioneered the profession and work hands-on in state-of-the-art learning labs.

"At Bentley, we consulted with actual clients on real-world problems and learned to understand their business goals. That experience has been invaluable."

Latoya Hall

Latoya Hall, Senior Product Designer, Upwork

As an undergraduate, Latoya Hall, class of 2016, studied Design and Visual Communication at San Francisco State. While spending part of her senior year abroad at Brunel University of West London, she learned the value of incorporating ergonomics and human factors into the design process.

"The program is so flexible, which is another reason why I chose Bentley. I’ve taken classes in Boston, San Francisco, and online — all while working a full-time job. This hybrid approach is perfect for those who want or need to work while they’re in the program."

Ben Huggins

Ben Huggins, Head of Design, Humu

With a background in psychology and media studies, Ben Huggins, class of 2013, considered Bentley's MSHFID program ideal preparation for the emerging field of user experience design.

"Bentley’s HFID program was so intriguing to me because it grounds design in the context of real-world business. Taking classes taught by industry leaders and working closely with companies on their design challenges was a great way to learn. Bentley also has an energy about it. From the virtual class options to the rapidly expanding west coast campus, it’s a program that’s constantly innovating on it’s own model -- not unlike the UX field itself."

Neeta Goplani

Neeta Goplani, Senior Director of Experience Design, Manulife/John Hancock

For Neeta Goplani, class of 2008 experience design is a puzzle combining creativity and business. Goplani credits Bentley’s master’s program in Human Factors in Information Design with giving her the well-rounded skill set to succeed. Bentley’s integrated curriculum, state-of-the-art learning labs, and world-class faculty put her in a position to become a leader in her field.

"The Experience Design lab at Bentley was instrumental in my career. It gave me client-management, project-management and research skills that have helped me immensely."