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Master's in Human Factors in Information Design

At Bentley, the user experience begins with a solid understanding of human behavior, enriched by detailed user research, and leading to product insights and design innovation. Bentley’s Human Factors in Information Design (HFID) program educates tomorrow’s leaders in the user experience (UX) profession. We emphasize the strategic role of UX in business through enhancing an organization’s competitive advantage. The HFID program is offered on campus, online and on the west coast.

  • HFID Program Ranked # 1 by UX Magazine for Best Academic Program

    UX Magazine named Bentley's HFID program the top academic program for UX for doing the best job of preparing students and providing them a direct path for experience-oriented professions. 

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  • Bentley’s Programs Ranked #4 for Salary Potential

    Master’s degree recipients from Bentley are among the highest paid in the country. PayScale ranked Bentley graduates #4 in its latest College Salary Report.

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See what's up at Bentley's McCallum Graduate School of Business, from industry trends to first-person dispatches from our students.

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HFID Faculty

Our faculty bring diverse real-world experience to the classroom.

State of the Art Tools

This Global UX Consultancy is tightly integrated with the HFID program.

HFID Career Outcomes

With innovative programs and personalized service, Graduate Career Services supports your career goals from day one.

HFID Video

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Bentley MS Human Factors in Information Design: Overview

HFID Innovation

Students in the UXC partner with early stage start-ups in Cambridge, MA.

HFID Online Program

Bentley’s HFID online program is ranked # 32 in the country according to U.S. News & World Report in 2017.

HFID West Coast Learning

The California program is offered on the West Coast, home to some of the world’s most innovative technology companies.