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Center for Health and Wellness

In the Center for Health and Wellness, we offer professional and confidential health care in a safe and welcoming environment to full-time students of all shapes, sizes, identities and sexual orientations.

We believe that achieving physical and emotional growth is a lifelong effort, and we promote ethical decision-making to help you make healthy lifestyle choices and reduce risky behaviors. Our programs and services are based on state-of-the-art health care theory and technologies, as well the latest practices in health promotion and alcohol and other drug abuse prevention.

Achieving optimum health not only benefits you personally, but also will help you succeed in the classroom. Our goal is to help you make that happen.


Monday, August 31, 9am-12pm,  LaCava Conference Room
Room 305 AB

Wednesday, September 2, 9am-3pm, The Student Center, Back Bay Room

Get your Immunization Record

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Health Information About Ebola

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