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Alcohol and Drugs Education

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Resource Center (ARC), located in the Center for Health and Wellness, seeks to reduce the harm connected with the misuse of alcohol and other substances through comprehensive, evidence-based prevention and education programs.

Assessment Programs


We require all incoming students to complete AlcoholEdu for College.

Alcohol Innerview

Alcohol Innerview is a free, confidential, online educational program that asks students questions regarding their choices and experiences surrounding alcohol and provides them with immediate personalized feedback.

Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students

BASICS is a free, confidential program available to all students to assess and discuss their choices regarding alcohol or marijuana. The program consists of two meetings with a health educator. During the first meeting, you will be asked questions about your choices and experiences. The second meeting will provide you with personalized feedback highlighting any risks of which you should be aware. You will be given tools and resources you can use in the future to ensure you are safer and healthier.

To schedule an appointment, call the Center for Health and Wellness at 781.891.2222.

The Electronic Check-Up to Go for Alcohol or Marijuana

The E-CHUG for alcohol and the E-CHUG for marijuana are free, confidential, online tool that allows you to answer questions about your alcohol or marijuana use and receive immediate, personalized feedback. If you are required to complete the E-CHUG due to a violation of campus policy, please review the following login and access instructions. All other students should access E-CHUG for alcohol and E-CHUG for marijuana

Awareness Campaigns

Be a Spotter

Be a Spotter is our social marketing campaign that encourages you to look out for your friends and seek help in risky situations. Since its introduction on campus, the number of peers calling for help for their friends has increased by 15 percent.


OneLess is our harm reduction campaign that encourages more moderate drinkers to choose one less drink per occasion or one less night of drinking to improve your academics, save money or improve your overall health. What could you gain by choosing one less?

Referrals and Off-Campus Resources

We are available to meet with any student who wishes to speak with someone regarding his or her substance use, or that of a friend or family member. Staff can assist with referrals both on and off campus. To schedule an appointment, contact Jessica Greher Traue at 781.891.2947 or
There also are several support groups within the surrounding community, including:

  • Al-Anon and Alateen: Twelve-step program for family members and friends of alcoholics
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: Twelve-step program for people looking to cease use or maintain sobriety from alcohol. Several meetings are geared specifically for young people.
  • Marijuana Anonymous: Twelve-step program for people looking to cease use or maintain sobriety from marijuana. Offers several meeting options in person; via phone weekdays from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. EST (call 209.647.1600 and use PIN code 107678); and online
  • Narcotics Anonymous: Twelve-step program for any addict seeking recovery and sobriety.

Please check with the above organizations for the most up-todate meeting times and locations. Both Alcoholics Anonymous and Marijuana Anonymous have meetings catered to young people and that are accessible by public transportation.