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Travel Card Manual


Key Contacts
Benefits to the Cardholder
Benefits to the University
How It Works
Purpose and Restrictions
Master Contract
How to Use The Travel Card
Disputing a Transaction
Travel Card Administration
Cardholder Training
Misuse of the Travel Card
Travel Card Audits
Policy Summary


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Travel Card Application Form


Key Contacts

Cardholder Customer Service

Barbara MacLean

Associate Director

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JPMorgan Chase

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Welcome to the Bentley Travel Card Program.  

The Travel Card provides an efficient means of purchasing business travel services.      

This policy outlines the benefits of the Travel Card Program and provides information needed to use the card.  The Travel Card offers a means of purchasing services directly from travel service providers. 

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Benefits to the Cardholder

*Travel services can be easily obtained

*Purchase and payment for travel-related services is significantly reduced

*More efficient use of your time

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Benefits to Bentley

*Payment processes are significantly reduced.

*Allows Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services and Accounts Payable to focus on higher yield value-added activities.

The Travel Card is designed to purchase travel services related to Bentley business only.  Use of the card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited.  Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services is responsible for monitoring the Corporate Card Program.  

If you have any questions regarding the program, or the appropriate use of the card, contact Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services.

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How It Works

The Travel Card simplifies the procurement process by facilitating point-of-demand purchases.  Procurement authority is delegated to the authorized cardholder to purchase travel services.

When making a purchase, the MasterCard system validates the transaction against pre-set limits established by Bentley.  All transactions are approved or declined based on pre-set spending limits per single purchase and cycle.

Similar to other credit cards, the authorization process occurs through an electronic system that supports the Travel Card processing services under Bentley's agreement with JPMorgan Chase.

In addition, Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services reviews daily reports to monitor the use of Travel Cards.  Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services also identifies opportunities to maximize Bentley's significant buying power through Master Contract negotiations.

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There are no manual accounting procedures to support Travel Card transactions.  The specific fund, cost center and default account number for Travel Card purchases will be automatically charged for each individual’s card.

Therefore, all Travel Card transactions will be automatically applied to a single account number.  The charges will appear on your monthly Travel Card Statement.

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Purpose and Restrictions

The Travel Card is for business travel-related purchases, and only expenses associated with a business travel excursion.  Purchases of business travel-related services must be processed in accordance with Bentley travel policy and procedure.

The Travel Card is to be used for the following:


*Auto Rental

*Ground Transportation (Taxi, Bus, Trains)

*Hotel Accommodations


*Seminar/Conference Registration

*Telephone Calls and Calling Cards

*Facsimile, Telex, Business Services

*Tips and Gratuities

*If you have questions regarding use of the card, contact Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services.

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Master Contracts

Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services collaborates with consortia to secure contracts that provide Bentley with “least total cost” travel services. 

Contract pricing is based on Bentley's overall anticipated volume of purchases during the contract period.  Compliance with Master Contracts assures the Bentley community of “least total cost” services, and to fulfill Bentley's obligation to consolidate all of its requirements with the authorized contract suppliers and consortiums.

Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services publishes a directory of all university-wide Master Contract vendors including product, service and contact information.

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How to Use the Travel Card

Once a Travel Authorization Form is in place, a Travel Card may be used to make purchases in person, by phone, mail or via the Internet. When using a travel agency, cardholders are encouraged to purchase these services from the Bentley's recommended travel service provider(s). 

Upon receipt of purchased services, keep the documentation received from the vendor, a sales or boarding receipt or emailed confirmation, for reconciliation on your Travel Expense Report. 

Within 45 days of your return from a travel excursion, complete a Travel Expense Report, attach your Travel Card statement, acquire Cost Center Approver signature, and submit along with original receipts and Travel Card account statement to Accounts Payable.

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Proof of Purchase Documentation

A Travel Expense Report must be completed to account for expenses incurred while traveling. Original receipts for charges exceeding $40 must be submitted with your Travel Expense Report.  The following is a reference guide for required documentation.


ExpenseRequired Documentation
AirfarePassenger Receipt/Boarding Pass and itinerary
LodgingOriginal folio plus card receipt
Car RentalOriginal agreement plus card receipt
MealsOriginal card or cash register receipt
MiscellaneousOriginal card or cash receipt
CashATM receipt


The completed Travel Card Statement and Travel Expense Report are submitted to Accounts Payable within 45 days of your return from your trip.  Any Travel Expense Report not submitted within 45 days after completion of the trip will be considered past due.  Continued neglect to submit Travel Expense Reports in a timely fashion will result in card deactivation.

Bentley pays JPMorgan Chase directly.  Use of the Travel Card will in no way affect, change or reference your personal credit history.

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Disputing a Transaction

The cardholder is responsible for ensuring the receipt of travel services and follow-up to resolve discrepancies.

If the cardholder is unable to reach an agreement with a service provider, contact Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services. The cardholder will be informed of the resolution and any corrections that were made.

By law, vendors are not permitted to bill your credit card for services until they have been rendered.

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Travel Card Administration

Acquiring a Travel Card:

Cost Center Approvers and individuals designated by Cost Center Approvers may receive a Travel Card after completing a Travel Card Application, attending a Travel Card Training Seminar and signing a Cardholder Agreement. 

The cardholder is required to read the Travel Card Policy and adhere to all Travel Card policies and procedures. Per bank policy, prospective cardholders must be present at cardholder training and may not send a proxy.

Canceling Travel Cards:

To cancel a Travel Card, the cardholder must send written/e-mail notification to Purchasing, Administrative and Campus services, and destroy the card. 

Renewal of Existing Travel Cards:

A renewal Travel Card will be sent to the cardholder approximately 30 days prior to the expiration date of the card. 

Lost or Stolen Travel Cards:

Cardholders must immediately report a lost or stolen Travel Card.  Bentley is liable for all transactions until the card is reported lost or stolen. 

A cardholder must report a lost or stolen Travel Card by calling JPMorgan Chase at 800.316.6056. Campus Police maintains the JPMorgan Chase Customer Service number. A replacement card will be sent to the cardholder within ten business days, unless other arrangements are made when you call the bank to report the loss.

Please notify Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services after you’ve reported a card lost or stolen.

Travel Card Security:

Only the individual whose name appears on the card may use the Travel Card.  Cards and card numbers must be safeguarded against use by unauthorized individuals within or outside Bentley.  All cardholders are encouraged to keep the JPMorgan Chase Customer Service phone number easily accessible to them throughout every business travel excursion.

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Cardholder Training

Prior to being issued a card, the cardholder must attend a training seminar.  The seminar instructs the cardholder in the uses and restrictions of the program.  Each cardholder will be given a copy of the Travel Card Policy manual and will be provided the opportunity to ask questions about the program.

Training seminars are regularly scheduled by Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services.

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Misuse of the Travel Card

The Travel Card represents Bentley's trust and empowerment of responsible employees of Bentley. As a cardholder, you assume the responsibility for the protection and proper use of the Travel Card.

The following situations are a few examples of “misuse” of the Travel Card:

Personal misuse:

*Purchases using the card for the sole benefit of the employee

*Assignment or transfer of an individual card to an unauthorized person

*Use of a Travel Card by a suspended or terminated employee

Administrative misuse:

*Lack of timely reconciliation of individual cardholder account

*Card use in direct violation of acquisition goals (e.g.: failure to use the Travel Card for services available through contract suppliers)

Misuse of the Travel Card will be handled promptly and uniformly for all cardholders.  The following actions will be taken:

*A written warning will be sent to the cardholder, copying the cardholder’s immediate supervisor, the Director of Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services, and the Controller. The letter will include a warning for Travel Card revocation pending further investigation.

*Disciplinary measures including termination and legal action in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Cardholder Agreement as deemed necessary by the Vice President for Business and Finance.

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Travel Card Audits

To ensure the continued success of the Travel Card Program, Bentley's auditors will perform periodic audits.  The purpose of the audits is to ensure adherence to policy and procedures.

Audit reviews ascertain that:

*Travel Cards are used for authorized purchases related to Bentley business

*Where university-wide Master Contracts exist, purchases of services are procured through the designated supplier(s)

*Documentation in the form of receipts is maintained to support Travel Card transactions

*Timely reconciliation of the cardholder’s account is performed

*Supporting documentation and statements are signed by the cardholder and Cost Center Approver and forwarded to Accounts Payable in accordance with Bentley policy

If you have questions regarding Travel Card audits, please contact Purchasing, Administrative and Campus Services.

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Policy Summary

  1. All cardholders must sign and accept the terms and conditions of the Bentley Cardholder Agreement.

  2. All purchase transactions processed against a Travel Card must be made by the individual to whom the card is issued.

  3. When university-wide Master Contracts exist, cardholders must use those agreements.

  4. The Travel Card may be used for services identified in this policy.

  5. Personal purchases are prohibited.

  6. Use of the Travel Card is governed by this policy and the Bentley Corporate Card Agreement with respect to:
    1. maintaining documentation
    2. reporting the loss or theft of a card
    3. reporting questioned transactions
  7. Violations of the Travel Card Policy will result in actions being taken in accordance with the procedures established in this policy and the Bentley Corporate Card Agreement.

  8. Bentley does not expect business travelers to seek tax exemption for travel related services. 

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