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Bentley University Retirement Plan

Bentley's Retirement Plan is a 403(b) defined contribution plan in which both Bentley and employee contributions may be invested. At the direction of eligible participants, contributions may be made to one or more of the available investment options sponsored by Fidelity Investments and TIAA-CREF.


Generally, all Bentley employees (except student employees) are eligible to make voluntary contributions. In order to receive Bentley contributions, however, you must be regularly scheduled and budgeted for at least 19.5 hours per week and must complete two (2) “years of service” and attain age 21.  If you meet the age and service requirements, Bentley contributions begin the following January 1 or July 1.  The waiting period may be waived for those who have had sufficient previous service at a qualified non-profit organization in accordance with Bentley's plan document.

See the Summary Plan Description for more information about the Plan.

Bentley Contribution Formula

Once the eligibility and enrollment requirements have been met, Bentley will provide contributions to the basic retirement plan account for eligible employees based on the following formula:

  • Equivalent to 10% of base salary up to IRS annual compensation limit

Employer Contributions are immediately vested at 100%.

The Plan provides for investment choices from a variety of funds among two investment companies.

  • Provides flexibility to change allocation and transfer accumulations among the funds. Accumulations may be transferred freely among the funds with some restriction when transferring money out of TIAA-CREF's Retirement Annuity (GRA) account.
  • Contributions are deposited in accounts which cannot be withdrawn while employed at Bentley until you reach seventy and a half. 
  • Offers a wide variety of income choices at retirement: total withdrawal, systematic withdrawal, payments over a set number of years or life annuity.

Employee Voluntary Contributions

Eligible employees may make voluntary contributions to the Retirement Plan up to the limits allowed for 403(b) plans according to the Internal Revenue Service Code. Voluntary contributions may be made at any time and may be invested in any of the available investment choices. Such contributions and any earnings are exempted from state and federal taxation until collected as income.

Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code requires the completion of a Salary Reduction Agreement between the employee and the employer before payroll deductions can begin. A new agreement is required for every change in an employee's salary reduction amount, which may be made at any time. Loans are available to eligible TIAA-CREF and Fidelity Investment participants while still employed. See the Loan Comparison Document for more information. Hardship and other withdrawals are available under certain circumstances. Please contact the vendor with whom you have invested your account for more information on loan and withdrawal terms and conditions, including applicable fees, and to request an application.  All applications must be approved by the vendor.

Fidelity Investments

All employer contributions and voluntary contributions through payroll deduction may be directed to the complete line up of investment options included in the Fidelity Enrollment Guide. To enroll at Fidelity, follow the online instructions.  For more information on your investment options in the plan, and to obtain a free prospectus, call Fidelity Investments at 1-800-343-0860 or visit their website.


Employees may direct Bentley and/or voluntary contributions to the complete line up of investment options included in the TIAA-CREF Enrollment Guide. To enroll at TIAA-CREF, follow the online instructions.  For more information on your investment options in the plan and to obtain a free prospectus, call the TIAA-CREF toll free number is 1-800-842-2776 or visit their website.

Quarterly Reports

Participants receive quarterly reports from the investment companies which detail the transactions for each account. This report shows all transactions affecting account accumulations and accumulation changes during the quarter.

Additional Information

Additional information regarding Bentley's retirement plan options is available through the Human Resources Department. Informational meetings are held during the academic year. Representatives from both TIAA-CREF and Fidelity Investments are available for individual on-campus appointments.

On-campus Schedules

Fidelity Investments Schedule
TIAA-CREF Schedule

Information is also available on the websites for TIAA-CREF and Fidelity Investments or via phone.

TIAA-CREF: 1-800-842-2776 or 617-227-2720
Fidelity Investments: 1-800-343-0860