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Employment Policies and Practices

Bentley employees can expect to be treated with respect, fairness and consistency. Bentley maintains a comprehensive set of employment policies and practices so that employees are aware of what is expected of them and what they can expect from Bentley. These materials provide the foundation for fair and consistent treatment of all employees.

The links below offer details on Human Resources policies, practices and procedures that apply to faculty and staff. These resources work in conjunction with, and do not replace, amend or supplement any provisions in the Faculty Manual or any collective bargaining agreement Bentley has with a union.  Faculty should consult with the Faculty Manual for additional information about their employment with Bentley and union employees should consult the terms of their collective bargaining agreement.

No set of policies and procedures can cover every situation.  These policies and practices are meant to provide guidance; they are not and should not be considered contractual in nature.  Absent a written contract or collective bargaining agreement, employment at Bentley is at-will, which means that Bentley or an employee can terminate the relationship at any time.  These materials are reviewed periodically to keep pace with changing needs and are subject to change without notice.  


Discrimination, Harassment, and ADA Policies

Employee Development

Employee Relations

General Administrative Policies

Leaves of Absence

Safety in the Workplace

Separation from Employment

Status and Pay

Time Away From Work

Links to Other University Policies