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Human Resources

Out of State Employment Policy/Process

I. Policy

As part of our commitment to attracting and retaining needed talent, the University recognizes the occasional need to hire or retain an employee who will work outside of Massachusetts. However, employees working outside of Massachusetts subject the University to the laws in the state in which they work which may differ from Massachusetts laws regarding employment, benefits and other work-related issues as well as potential liabilities. The University reserves the right to determine in advance whether to permit an employee’s principal work location to be outside of Massachusetts. Generally, such permission will be limited to positions that are highly specialized and mission critical. This policy sets out the procedure for seeking permission to hire or retain an employee who will work outside of Massachusetts.

II. Procedure

Any employee who will reside and perform their work outside of Massachusetts, must be expressly reviewed and approved in advance by the respective divisional Vice President and the Vice President and CHRO. In situations where the University is not registered to do business in the state in question, the Associate Vice President for Finance and Risk Management, in conjunction with the Office of General Counsel, will undertake an assessment as to the appropriateness of registering in a new state, and approve, only if deemed in the best interest of the University. The University also reserves the right to not register in a particular state due to applicable laws and considerations of that state. Due to the complexity of international laws over payroll and employment practices, the University cannot accommodate employees outside of the United States. If you have any questions regarding out of state employment, please contact your Human Resources Business Partner. Note that this policy does not apply to employees who reside in states other than Massachusetts but perform their services at Bentley.


Last Revised: August 2021