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Human Resources

Employee Development

As an educational institution, Bentley encourages employees to manage their own career growth by engaging in a continual process of professional development and education. Employees and managers should periodically discuss professional aspirations and development opportunities and take steps to achieve those goals.

Human Resources offers courses on a variety of topics throughout the year at no cost to the employee or department.  Courses are offered in areas such as leadership development, managerial effectiveness, team dynamics, interpersonal relationships, technical skills, employee engagement, and Bentley processes.  Employees are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities and are welcome to attend the programs during the work day, with prior approval of their managers.  Employees who sign up for a course should make every effort to attend; signing up for a course and not attending creates extra expense for Bentley and limits opportunities for other employees who may have wanted to take the course.

Depending on their positions, employees may also wish to pursue professional development opportunities offered outside of Bentley, such as through professional associations or conferences.  Employees should discuss the availability of funding to support such endeavors with their managers.

Employees who must maintain certain licenses or certifications to perform their jobs at Bentley may also receive financial support and time away from work for that purpose.  Employees should discuss their needs with managers to determine the availability of funding.

Eligible employees are encouraged to take advantage of tuition remission for courses offered at Bentley.


Date last revised:  April 15, 2015