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Human Resources

Voluntary Separation (Resignations)

In the event of a voluntary separation, employees are asked to provide the University with at least two weeks’ written notice.  Employees should notify their managers in person and should submit a resignation letter or email indicating the date of resignation and the reason.  However, Bentley has the discretion to decide whether or not the employee should work through the notice period.

The employee’s termination date will be the last day actually worked.  The last day of employment cannot be a vacation day, holiday, or occur during the Winter Break.

The employee will receive his/her final paycheck, including any unused, earned vacation, on the next regular pay period or on the last day worked. 

Human Resources will schedule an exit interview with the employee, which provides an opportunity to discuss employee benefits, final pay, and to provide comments about the employee’s experiences at Bentley.  Employees should arrange for the return of any Bentley property with their manager.


Date last revised:  April 15, 2015