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Human Resources

Medical Leaves (Non-FMLA)

Employees with a medical condition who are not eligible for FMLA Leave, or who have exhausted FMLA Leave, may be eligible for a Medical Leave of Absence. Employees on a Medical Leave of Absence must use available sick time, vacation time, and any personal time during the Medical Leave. However, employees do have the option of reserving one week of vacation time. Eligible employees who exhaust their accrued paid time off may qualify for Short-Term Disability. Employees will be required to submit medical certification to Human Resources (not their supervisor) stating that they are able to resume their duties before they are permitted to return to work after a Medical Leave. Employees who are unable to return from Medical Leave on the date set forth in the leave request and/or medical certification are expected to contact Human Resources and their supervisors prior to the anticipated return to work date.  If an employee fails to return from Medical Leave when scheduled, and does not contact Bentley in advance, the employee may be deemed to have resigned.

Full-time employees who have been unable to work for six months may be eligible to apply for Long-Term Disability Benefits.  If an employee is unable to return to work within six months of the start of a FMLA and/or non-FMLA Medical Leave, Bentley will consider whether it can continue to hold the employee’s job open.


Date Last Revised:  April 15, 2015