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Human Resources

Consensual Relationships



Bentley University is committed to maintaining an environment that is respectful and that allows all the members of our community to work and learn in a supportive environment. Both faculty and staff are expected to avoid situations in which their personal interests may conflict with their duties to Bentley. One such area of potential conflict involves “consensual” relationships between members of the community who are associated by supervisory, teaching or evaluative roles or where the difference in perceived status is so great that “consent” may not be truly voluntary. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that our expectations are clear.

Bentley University prohibits any member of the faculty or staff from engaging in a romantic or sexual relationship with any currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student. This prohibition extends to periods when the University is not in session and when a student is on leave.

In addition, the University prohibits faculty and staff from engaging in a romantic or sexual relationship with any individual whom he/she teaches, supervises, advises, evaluates, counsels or coaches.

Members of the community who become aware of possible violations of this policy should report their concerns to the Vice President of Human Resources in the case of staff members and to the Provost with respect to faculty. Violations of this policy may result in discipline up to and including termination.

This policy is not intended to apply to pre-existing relationships, such as marriage. However, faculty and staff should be aware of Bentley’s anti-nepotism policy,  Employment of family and household-members,  that prohibits a reporting or supervisory relationship with a family member. Questions about the application of this policy and any exceptions should be directed to the Vice President of Human Resources (for staff) or the Provost (for faculty).

This policy does not alter or modify Bentley’s existing policies on Harassment Sexual Harassment Policy and Conflict of Interest  Conflict of Interest.


Date last revised: August 2020