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Employment of Family and Household Members

Bentley recognizes that family and household members can be an excellent recruitment source and that having family and household members work together at Bentley contributes to our sense of community. However, having family and household members work together can also present conflicts of interest, or the appearance of such conflicts.  Accordingly, the employment of family and household members will be subject to the following policy. 

Bentley will permit the employment of qualified family and household members of employees as long as such employment does not, in the opinion of the university, create actual or perceived conflicts of interest, disruptions in the workplace, or other performance problems. Employees may not work in the same division as a family or household member. In situations where two employees in the same division become family or household members, both employees will be required to immediately disclose the relationship to Human Resources and one of the employees may be required to transfer (if another position for which the employee is best qualified is available) or terminate employment within 90 days of the change of condition.  Failure to comply with this disclosure requirement is a violation of this policy and therefore grounds for appropriate discipline.

When two or more family or household members are employed by Bentley, the work responsibilities, salary, or career progress of one cannot be influenced by, or be perceived to influence, the other family or household member.  In situations where family or household members create a conflict or disruption in the workplace, Bentley reserves the right to transfer (if another position for which the employee is best qualified is available) or terminate the employment of either employee.

”Family member” is a spouse, domestic partner, parent, child, grandchild, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, or corresponding in-law or step relative.  “Household member” is a person having legal residence in or living in the employee’s place of residence.  “Domestic partner” is someone who meets the criteria for domestic partnership set forth in the Affidavit of Domestic Partnership.


Date last revised:  August 29, 2018