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Human Resources

Non-work Activities During Scheduled Work Hours

Teaching and Taking Classes

The University recognizes that staff employees may on occasion teach as an adjunct at Bentley and/or take courses at Bentley University. As a general rule, these activities should be scheduled outside the employee’s regular work day.

If circumstances prevent a staff employee from scheduling teaching and/or classes outside the employee’s working hours, he or she must request and receive management approval prior to accepting the teaching assignment or registering for the course.  The employee and manager should discuss how the employee’s work will be handled and whether the employee will make up the time, use accrued paid time off, or take unpaid time.

Staff employees should be aware that any reduction in their regular working schedule to accommodate teaching or taking a class may impact their eligibility for benefits.

Participating in Surveys, Consumer Testing, etc.

Bentley’s academic programs or centers may solicit staff employees to participate in activities such as surveys or consumer testing, either on a voluntary basis, or in exchange for payment or some other form of remuneration. Those activities can only be engaged in during an employee’s lunch break or after the employee’s work hours. 


The university recognizes that staff employees may have consulting opportunities with third parties unrelated to their job at Bentley. Bentley expects that all full-time staff employees regard the University as their primary employer and that staff employees be sensitive to conflicts or the appearance of conflict.  Staff are expected to refer to and familiarize themselves with Bentley's Conflict of Interest policy prior to accepting any consulting arrangements. A staff member should not accept any consulting assignments with an entity that currently does business with Bentley or is likely to do business with Bentley in the future where the staff member will have a role or input in selecting or overseeing that business.

In all consulting assignments, the staff employee functions without the sponsorship of the university, and the university assumes no responsibility for the decisions, deliverables or impact of the consulting activities. In all cases, staff members must schedule consulting assignments outside the normal work day.  Bentley property (computers, printers, office supplies, etc.) may not be used for any consulting work a staff member may perform.

Faculty should consult the Faculty Manual regarding outside consulting opportunities.



Date last revised:  August 8, 2023