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Human Resources

Workers' Compensation

Employees who are injured in the course of their employment with Bentley must immediately report the injury to their supervisor and to Human Resources.  All injuries, no matter how minor and regardless of whether an employee loses time from work, must be reported.  When supervisors become aware of an injury, they must fill out a Supervisor’s First Report of Injury form and send it to Human Resources.

If a workers’ compensation claim needs to be filed, Human Resources will coordinate the claim with Bentley’s Workers’ Compensation administrator, FutureComp. If an employee receives medical attention due to the injury but does not miss time from work, FutureComp will cover medical expenses associated with the injury, so long as FutureComp approves the claim.  If an employee receives medical attention and is out of work due to the injury, FutureComp will pay the employee 60% of his or her weekly wage, up to the maximum set by law, in addition to medical expenses. These payments are not taxable.  Employees may choose to supplement their workers’ comp payment with accrued sick, vacation and personal time up to 40% of their normal work week, but in no event will an employee receive more than 100% of their regular gross pay. Example: employees who normally work 35 hours per week may apply up to 14 hours per week of accrued time. The supplementing of time will only be allowed up to 6 months while an employee is out of work.


Date last revised:  February 1, 2015