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Human Resources

External Communications

Bentley is often in the news, and the media often contact employees at Bentley for information about Bentley’s programs and events. The News and Communications department is responsible for handling such inquiries and ensures that any information is accurate and consistent with Bentley’s media strategy.  Under no circumstances shall any employee engage in a conversation with outside callers asking questions about the University or its employees unless such calls are expected and part of his/her regular duties.  Calls requesting information about current or former employees (e.g., reference checks, credit bureaus, banks and mortgage lenders, and lawyers) should be directed to Human Resources at x3427.  All other calls, including all calls from the media, should be directed to the News and Communications department at x2070.  If faculty or staff are contacted by the media and want to engage in an interview, they should check in with the News & Communications team first.  They will provide support and guidance on conducting the interview. 



Date last revised:  April 15, 2015